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India’s Richest Ambani Family Unveil Plan to Build World’s Biggest Zoo

India's Richest Ambani Family Unveil Plan to Build World's Biggest Zoo

India’s richest family, the Ambani’s recently revealed their plan to build the biggest zoo on the planet covering around a 280-acre plot of land.

The Ambani group, which holds a value of worth $168 billion company Reliance, is planning to house around 100 different species in the zoo as well planning to build a sanctuary. The zoo will be made in the city of Jamnagar, western India.

However, their announcement has not made all happy as prior to their recent plan, animal rights activists were seen sparking anger when the Ambani family bought two black panthers from the state-run zoo to their private property.

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As per reports from Daily Mail, the zoo will be known as Green Zoological Rescue and the Rehabilitation Kingdom which is planned to be home to 100 different species of animals, reptiles, and birds. Some of the endangered animals which will be brought on the zoo are Komodo dragons, African lion, Giraffes, and Gorillas.

So their new plan might also face similar kinds of criticisms from the activists, however, with that much space, Mukesh Ambani and his family will surely build a mini jungle for them. The project was brought by Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani and chairman of Reliance Industries.

The Ambani family palns to build the largest zoo.

Snippet of Mukesh Ambani (middle) with his younger son Anant and wife Nita Ambani.
Image Source: India 24/7

And all the necessary documents by far have already been passed; hope this time the $80 billion worth Ambani family will be able to bring animal without any conflicts as 100 activists from Chiriakhana Suraksha Mancha group protested his plan on Sunday.

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Last modified: February 23, 2021