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Billie Eilish Teases Upcoming Track from ‘Happier Than Ever’ with Series of Snap!

Billie Eilish Teases Upcoming Track from 'Happier Than Ever' with Series of Snap!

Yes, it’s a no-brainer that fans since Billie Eilish announced the release of her second upcoming studio album has been anxious to hear the dope tracks. 

With that, Billie Eilish who is dropping her new song this week hyped fans more with the recent three-slider snap-pack. On Monday, the Bad Guy hitmaker shared her new blonde bob-cut hairstyle flaunting on her iPhone 12.

In a snap pack, the first image was of Eilish’s face shot, followed by a close zoom shot of her eyes, hair, and nose. Similarly, the last snap previewed her car tire part. Billie shared the snapshot writing “nothing but a lost cause.”

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With that fans have been going crazy, more hyped up, and coming up with speculations that the caption might be Eilish’s new upcoming drop from Happier Than Ever.

Billie’s upcoming sophomore album is dropping on July 30, so guys aren’t you guys excited. Adding ice to the cake, the 19 years old announced the dates of her upcoming Happier Than Ever – The World Tour.

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Last modified: May 31, 2021