A Relaxing Break-In: Johnny Depp's Intruder Took a Shower and Made the Drink of His Lifetime in His Home

Mar 21, 2021 @ 14:45 GMT+0000
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A Relaxing Break-In: Johnny Depp's Intruder Took a Shower and Had the Drink of His Lifetime in His Home

According to reports, Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp, had an unwelcome visitor in his Hollywood Hills home on Thursday and not just succeeded in breaking in but had the time of his life for the time he spent there.

The actor's neighbors called the police after spotting a seemingly homeless man in their own backyard near the pool, according to the sources of TMZ. The man then jumped off the gate when the neighbor confronted him and found himself on Depp's property.

The intruder's presence triggered the alert in Depp's home, and the police were called again by his security. When authorities came to the property, they said they found the intruder taking a bath in one of the ten bathrooms of the residence.

When asked to open the door, the intruder refused to do so. So the cops had to break down the door to arrest him. Officials also mentioned that he had made a drink for himself from the stash Depp is supposed to have arranged before getting in the shower.

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The intruder was subsequently charged with felony vandalism for the door they had to break down. The report also mentions that Depp was in no harm, even though it was highly unlikely.

It's not the first time Depp's house was broken into. TMZ also reported the arrest of a woman on suspicion of burglary at his home back in January.

In addition to the Hollywood Hills home, which is reportedly worth $19 million since buying it in 1995 for ten times less, the 57-year-old owns a number of other properties. 14 houses until 2017 to be exact, according to Vulture.

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