Bruno Mars Is Back With New R&B Classic ‘Leave The Door Open’

Bruno Mars' Back! Drops R&B Classic 'Leave The Door Open'

Bruno Mars is back with the new classic single Leave the Door Open featuring Anderson .Paak from their new band Silk Sonic.

It definitely has been a long run since we heard last from Bruno Mars – specifically talking it was back from his 2016 album “24K Magic”. And after years of waiting, fans seem to not control their excitement when Mars blessed us with his song on Friday.


And with that Bruno also surprised us with his new group called Silk Sonic. Matter of fact, Mars is soon to release its debut album “An Evening With Silk Sonic” later this year. If you been following Bruno or Anderson then you might’ve seen them dropping tease on Instagram.

Watch- Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, Silk Sonic – Leave the Door Open [Official Video]

The song is surely one of a kind, filled with nostalgia and taking us back to the past. The song articulates old good old R& B vibes where Anderson opens up with an intriguing hook and looks. And the Lazy Song hitmaker joins with his amazing high note vocals.


The lyrics read,

I’m sippin’ wine (Sip, sip) in a robe (Drip, drip)
I look too good (Look too good)
To be alone (Woo, woo)
My house clean (House clean), my pool warm (Pool warm)
Just shaved, smooth like a newborn
We should be dancin’, romancin’
In the east wing and the west wing
Of this mansion, what’s happenin’

The fun song is, their composition story is more interesting as Bruno sketched the draft back from 2017 where he called . Paak on his 25th birthday. Anderson came drunk for the recording as it was his birthday and he came celebrating.


And as there’s a saying, good things happen unplanned so did the song happened. When Anderson showed up drunk Bruno asked if would come the next day for the recording but .Paak insisted to do some samples.

And he was not wrong either as they created magic in the air. In the video, Anderson starts the intro playing the drums where Mars joins playing the piano. The song surely feels like an old love song as the arrangement and instrumental also give those kinds of vibes.


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If you guys are yet to check the song, then do listen to it. And FYI, Justin Bieber, Drake, and James Arthur released their songs ‘Hold On‘, ‘What’s Next‘ &  ‘Medicine‘ respectively the same day, the game’s on. We hope you enjoyed the article, for more Pop Buzz updates make sure to visit BAE Magazine.