Twitterati Rekindle Cole LaBrant's Tweet After Wedding Scandal

Nov 27, 2020 @ 21:27 GMT+0000
cole labrant tweet after wedding

Cole LaBrant's tweet after his wedding sparked outrage in the Christian community, and people are talking about it again.

Cole LaBrant's is probably the most hated celebrity YouTuber for being homophobic and his insensitive comments over social media. Cole has been labeled "racist," "homophobic," and "bigot" by Twitterati over the past years.

Before we jumped into his after wedding tweet scandal, well, it was not really a scandal, but people made it a big deal out of it because, you know it already, they just hate him for being him. Well, we are not here to bash Cole or his wedding day, but to give a little preface to what really happened.

Cole married his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Soutas, on July 28, 2017. The couple tied the knots in beautiful Temecula, California, with a faith-centered ceremony and lots of meaningful details. Well, the wedding was a memorable day for not only the couple but everyone who attended the ceremony.

The groom was clad in a black suit, with a blue bowtie, paired with brown shoes, while the bride was garbed in a beautiful white sleeveless lace wedding gown. All was perfect for the couple as their wedding seemed like a fairy tale.

All was going well; the couple walked down the aisle. Cole kissed the bride; it happened as it should have been. But what went wrong for the 24-year-old was, as we mentioned earlier, he was too quick to post a picture from his wedding day on his Twitter account, with some (you guessed it) "so Cole" caption.

cole labrant tweet after wedding

Cole LaBrant's tweet after the wedding backfired massively in his Christian community.

The YouTuber uploaded a picture of him from his wedding day on his Twitter, with a caption that read, "No longer a virgin," followed by a "100" emoji and a "MarriageRocks" hashtag. Well, it was intended to be a "funny" post, as we can guess, but it backfired in his Christian community.

One fan wrote, "Sex is super cool and super fun, so, like, congrats on getting to do that for the first time mate, we’re all really proud of ya. It’s just that, if the response is anything to go by, maybe Twitter wasn’t the best place to put out your "Just Boned" notice."

The next one noted, "He probably lasted as long as his vine videos did.... 6 seconds."

Well, things didn't go really well for him and met with a huge backlash; Twitterati bashed him good following which he was forced to delete his, not only the tweet but the whole account itself. Indeed, that's one of the reasons LaBrant deleted his account.

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What other reasons, you ask? Well, Cole, as we mentioned earlier, is (was) known for making controversial statements on social media. Like one time, he sexualized David Beckham's then-three-year-old daughter.

In his tweet, Cole LaBrant wrote,

"I may just wait 20 years for David Beckham's 3-year-old daughter cuz God knows she's going to be gorgeous."

There are plenty of other insensitive tweets Cole had made over the past years, following which he had to delete the Twitter account.

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