Eminem Instrumental in Biden’s Victor in Michigan? Fans Think So!

Nov 6, 2020 @ 21:50 GMT+0000

Michigan caused a massive shock four years ago when the state went to Republican candidate Donald Trump. But this time around the state flipped again to turn blue for challenger Joe Biden. There were many factors leading to this moment and fans of Eminem rapper, who is from Detroit, had something to do with it.

For those who are not fear-scrolling Twitter, the thing is just before the day of the election Joe Biden released an ad targeting Michigan as well as pleading all to go out and vote. Well, a political ad is nothing new, this one had Eminem’s track playing in the background and the video seems to have been a hit.

Eminem is a Detroit native, though he was born in Missouri, the rapper considers motor-city to be his home. All his career the rapper has harkened back to his roots in Detroit and represented the city all over the world. And during this election, Detroit came with a mission to elect the Democratic challenger.

What is Biden’s Ad and Why Fans are Giving Eminem Credit?

The go-out-and-vote ad was released by the Biden campaign. In a black and white video, Joe Biden asked people all over the country to vote during this election while Eminem’s Oscar-winning song, Lose Yourself, played in the background. The ad also featured some shots of Detroit and Michigan and it was heavily shared on social media.

Joe Biden posted the video with a caption riffing on Eminem’s lyrics in the song. He wrote, “We have one shot. One opportunity. One moment. Don’t miss the chance — vote.” The video was well received and having an easily recognizable, and energizing song worked well.

eminem-joe-biden-lose-yourself-michigan-2020Joe Biden was approved to use Lose Yourself by Eminem.
Image Source: YouTube

While most politicians use songs of artists without their authorizations, this was not the case for Joe Biden. Eminem himself approved the use of the song and later shared it through his social media platforms. The rapper was trying to do his part to make sure Michigan does not go for Trump again.

Detroit came out for the former vice-president and as the counting winded down, Biden was given the state and its 16 electoral votes, racing towards 270, which seems inevitable. After the race was called some of the Detroit rapper’s fans were quick to congratulate him for doing his part.

Eminem is Credited by Fans for Playing a Role in Flipping Michigan

Eminem aka Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady has made it evident on numerous occasions that he is not afraid to get into politics. He was once questioned by Secret Service, during the Bush administration, when he talked about dead presidents in one of his songs.

Recently the rapper revealed in one of his songs that “Agent Orange” (Donald Trump) sent the Secret Service when one of his lyrics was deemed pointed towards the 45th President. Eminem has made his feelings clear when it comes to Donald Trump, his famous BET cipher comes to mind, which caused a lot of media fervor.

One of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem has time and time again supported Democratic candidates and allowing Joe Biden to use Lose Yourself was again another sign of his commitment. The ad was a massive success and fans took to Twitter to praise the rapper as well as thanking him for playing a part.

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While obviously some fans were joking but there is something to be said about the somewhat unexpected flip of Michigan. The Trump campaign was confident they would carry the state but Detroit came out and rained on their parade.

As the news of Biden’s win in Michigan came through fans heaped praises on the ad. Then the Stans came and flooded the internet with adoration for the Real Slim Shady. Here are all the reactions on Twitter that you can stomach.

This is what happens when talented people are in your corner. Now, imagine a Trump ad with Lil “pimp” song Gucci Gang playing! Well, today’s a good day to be a Stan!

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