Could Hope Brady Be Recast on Days of Our Lives?

Nov 1, 2020 @ 21:29 GMT+0000
Days of Our Lives might have hinted at a Hope Brady recast.

Days of Our Lives might have hinted at a Hope Brady recast.

The last time we saw Days of Our Lives' Hope, she battled vigorously to embrace the reality that her precious daughter was allegedly dead.

The fact that the scenes were the last filmed by Kristian Alfonso before her departure, the soap industry was left asking how the show can justify Hope's absence.

Still, thanks to the message the character sent to her cousin Jennifer, we know the mourning mother left the city to look for the daughter she absolutely refuses to believe has passed away.

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While the rest of Salem assembled for Ciara's memorial ceremony, Jennifer received a statement in which Hope stated she would leave rather than acknowledge the death of another kid.

"I’ve been through one child’s funeral, my precious Zach," Jennifer read out loud. In addition, Hope confessed she had driven Bo away, rather than be in each other's presence so that they could support one another.

Oh God, how I wish Bo was here with me now, but I know if he were, he wouldn’t accept that his sweet girl is gone, and he’d do anything, go anywhere, to find her.

Despite all the facts proving otherwise, Hope acknowledged she was "still holding on" to a one-in-a-million possibility Ciara was still alive.

My precious girl is brave like her dad, strong like him, too, and street-smart. So I know in my heart that she would have found a way to get away from [Vincent].

But instead of allowing the memorial to stamp out the faint dream, the detective set out to find Ciara. "I know I couldn't live with myself if I gave up my sweet girl, so I never will," wrote Hope, eventually giving the audience insight as to where the character has gone.

Having said this, what happens if Ciara returns to the stage, will it be played by Victoria Konefal or a recast? If the day does come — and undoubtedly the show has left the gate wide open for that scenario — what does it mean for Hope?

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Alfonso made it very clear while she is not giving up acting for good, she is as likely to resurface in Salem as the pigs are to fly.

Although we can still hold on to the hope that she could have a change of heart, Days of Our Lives will have only two meaningful choices - either have Hope find her master off-screen or get another actress to portray the iconic figure.

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