Why is Johnny Depp Suing the ACLU Over Divorce Settlement?

May 22, 2021 @ 16:08 GMT+0000
Why is Johnny Depp Suing the ACLU Over Divorce Settlement?

Johnny Depp is reportedly suing the ACLU over Amber Heard’s divorce settlement donation. Learn the reasons here.

Johnny Depp is suing ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) over his divorce case with Amber Heard.

If you’re struggling to recall, Amber donated $7 million in charities as part of their divorce settlement back in 2016. Amber had to reply in 2021 to claims that she had collected the cash rather than donating it.

Johnny Depp is now eager to witness the ACLU’s financial records to make sure Amber did indeed give the money.

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According to TMZ, he thinks she just gave a few hundred thousand dollars. Johnny is most likely doing this to overturn a London judge’s decision that the “wife beater” tag that he was branded with did not vilify him. He has already asked for a new hearing.

According to the paper, Johnny says he did not obtain a fair trial, and the judge’s decision is plainly false and clearly dangerous, according to legal documents submitted by his legal team with the Court of Appeal.

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His lawyer, David Sherborne, has requested the Court of Appeal to overturn the verdict and order a new trial, claiming that the judge in the case did not review the facts with the diligence that the plaintiffs were anticipating and that a fair resolution of the concerns is required.

He also said that the judge’s conclusions were bare assumptions without any real justification for how he arrived at these serious results in the face of contradictory accounts of what happened.

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