Knight Rider Reboot Currently in Development by James Wan

Knight Rider Reboot Currently in Development by James Wan

James Wan’s new Knight Rider movie is currently in development, based on a modern-day perspective of the iconic crime fighter from the 80s along with his super vehicle.

The cinematic version of Knight Rider is in the development phase by James Wan. Previously, the show originally aired on NBC for four years from 1982-1986.

Knight Rider was David Hasselhoff‘s breakthrough performance prior to the lead role in the hit show Baywatch. Produced by Glen A. Larson, the series featured Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a crime fighter helped by his extremely advanced AI, Pontiac Trans Am, KITT.

Knight Rider continued to influence spinoff television series, films, and computer games, with Hasselhoff also reprising his role in the 1991 TV film, Knight Rider 2000, and starring in an episode of the 2008 revival series.

Both ventures were planned to create new shows that had never been picked up. Knight Rider’s film adaptation was in negotiations for some time, with the names of numerous filmmakers linked to the project over the years, including Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn and Justin Lin of Star Trek Beyond.

Now on the silver screen, Michael and KITT finally reunite.

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Spyglass Media Group is working with James Wan and Michael Clear of Atomic Monster to turn the iconic 80s show into a feature film. The revival would be a modern take on the series, while upholding the original’s anti-establishment feel, as per Deadline.

The plot details are yet to be officially confirmed. The script, meanwhile, is being developed by the former computer game writer TJ Fixman while Judson Scott acts as executive producer.

Wan served as the producer of famous horror movies like Saw and the first two installments of Insidious as well as The Conjuring. He achieved the box office landmarks as the producer of the smash hits Aquaman and Furious 7.

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His production house was behind the Annabelle films and other Conjuring spinoffs, as well as the DC show Swamp Thing. Fixman wrote screenplays for a variety of features and video games, most notably credited for the Ratchet & Clank show and Resistance: Fall of Man.

Although much of the information of the remake are held under wraps, fans of the cult classic franchise are likely to be pleased the Knight Rider movie is finally being produced.

The modern-day take would be fun to see, particularly how awesome the supercar could look, given how much visual effects have improved since the ’80s.

The Knight Rider film seems to be in good hands, too, with director Wan, who previously took the mantle of a somewhat similar film in the form of Furious 7. Fans can anticipate the thrilling car chases and exciting action scenes that made the show pretty famous back in the ’80s.

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