Love Island winner Amber Gill Reacts to Dubai Tier 4 Criticisms

Love Island winner Amber Gill Reacts to Dubai Tier 4 Criticisms

Love Island’s Amber Gill responded after getting criticized for her trip to Dubai during the tier 4 restrictions.

Amber Gill, champion of Love Island 2019, reacted to the criticisms of her trip to Dubai following the launch of new coronavirus (COVID-19) prohibitions in the United Kingdom, stating she “had no idea Tier 4 was a thing.”

The UK Government launched new Tier 4 regulations across London and the South East over the weekend, restricting people’s travel to and from the city.

Amber, who is in Dubai right now, has since explained her trip taking to Instagram, informing the followers her flight had been scheduled for quite a while, and she thought she was still allowed to “travel for work.”

In her stories on Instagram, the reality star said:

Just want to put it out there I had no idea Tier 4 was a thing. The flight here was booked way before. I thought the only changes were being made on [the] 16th, meaning I was still allowed to travel for work.

The Love Island favorite added she’s got “no idea” what she’s doing since she’s just had to spend four days in the nation.

She wrote,

Now I don’t know where I’m supposed to go or if I should stay here. It’s all mad.

Amber revealed she was trying to remain optimistic in the face of the confusion and told fans she knows how lucky she is.

I like to laugh my way through life because if you don’t laugh you’ll cry. I’ve never not been in Newcastle with my family for Christmas.

This is not the first time Amber has been asked to put the record straight on social media – last month, the television personality lashed back at the fat-shaming bullies on TikTok.

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Amber responded,

First of all we are in a pandemic. Second, how do people look so closely that they notice before I even notice. I’ve been living in hoodies and sweatpants for the whole of this year and ended up putting on a whole stone! Haven’t we all? If not, they’ve definitely been doing lockdown wrong.

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