Mark Hamill Cringes Every Time He Sees This Popular Luke Skywalker Meme from Star Wars

Mar 10, 2021 @ 5:08 GMT+0000
Mark Hamill Cringes Every Time He Sees This Popular Luke Skywalker Meme from Star Wars

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill reveals the reason he can't help but cringe every time he lays his eyes on arguably the most popular Luke Skywalker meme in internet history.

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill wants people to realize that Luke Skywalker isn't quite as stupid as the memes might say, stating that he "cringes" whenever he sees this one specific picture online.

Mark – the iconic Luke Skywalker himself – finally responded to the meme from Star Wars: New Hope (1977), in which Luke seems to be blissfully ignorant of just how hazardous a lightsaber can be as he casually stares down its barrel.

The meme quips,

Handed the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy. Immediately point at face.

Bringing up the meme on Twitter, Mark assured followers Luke would never contemplate such stuff, and the picture is, in fact, a behind-the-scenes image.

The actor wrote,

This makes me cringe every time I see it. I don't remember doing this in the movie. I think it's just an on-set production still, otherwise, Obi-Wan wouldn't look so remarkably unconcerned.

So, you could say Mark Hamill might be ignorant, but there's no chance at all that Luke would be.

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Talking of Skywalker, The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau recently outlined how the idea for Luke's appearance in the season 2 finale materialized.

Watch: Luke Skywalker | The Rescue | The Mandalorian [2x08]

Insinuating there was never an actual plan, Jon admitted:

The story unfolded as I wrote it. The Mandalorian inherits a great deal from existing Star Wars stories, and when I write, that context is always a consideration.

It became apparent to Favreau that such events were likely to take place in the ongoing timeline.

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