Netflix ‘You’ Star Victoria Pedretti Opens Up About Having ADD

Netflix 'You' Star Victoria Pedretti Opens Up About Having ADD

Victoria Pedretti opened up about her ADD diagnosis.

Best known among You fans for her amazing portrayal of Love Quinn, Victoria Pedretti‘s career is blossoming lately. She stars as Danielle in the supernatural horror drama The Haunting of Bly Manor, which is currently streaming Top 10 on Netflix.

Away from the professional scene, the actress recently got candid about her diagnosis with ADD at a pretty young age.

Victoria Pedretti Talks About Her ADD Diagnosis

In a recent interview, Pedretti revealed she was diagnosed with ADD when she was barely six or seven. She previously talked about her disorder, like the time she had an interview with Bustle at the beginning of October, speaking about how she preferred to be “open and proud” of it.

However, now she reflected on how that tag was detrimental to her. Based on it, they will fragment and “create isolation.” Often labels “suggest community” but for Pedretti, the ADD tag “did not suit” her.

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Pedretti said during her diagnosis, she had been given all these figures about how she could never be able to read and write effectively or would carry a higher risk of medical conditions and other concerns.

I just looked at that label and I was like, ‘No, that’s not me!’

And again, the ADD tag put on her did not benefit from the negative implications of the disease.

But it was so damaging to me at that age because it didn’t do anything for how I defined myself.

She added, “It only allowed other people to make assumptions and feel like they had the answers to something far more complex than ADD.”

The Actress Recently Feels Empowered Through ADD

In the interview, Pedretti expressed how hard the disorder was for her. But she said, much like how she didn’t let the ADD define her, she didn’t let the harsh stuff she was told get to her.

I even think about the ADD thing… if I had listened to people I wouldn’t be where I am. If I had thought of it as a deficit, I wouldn’t be here. I feel so strongly that I want to be a voice within that community…

Pedretti said, along with no longer being in “academia” and discovering a position in her professional life, she now feels empowered.

I think I always questioned that [ADD] would be the thing that just f*cked me up because people weren’t particularly accommodating or understanding about it. People tried to tell me about my own brain and my own mind, my entire life. I think that that’s really destructive, but now I can see it.

The reason she tries to speak more about this issue is that she wants people who may have a rough time hearing her story.

I need other young people that are struggling in school, or struggling with their emotions and their feelings, to know that it’s f*cking normal, that they’re not deficient or defective. I wish the educational system in this country catered to more people and that I had more teachers that had the tools to understand and help me.

Pedretti is reluctant to ‘play labels’ as she is eager to prove labels don’t define anyone.

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