Outer Banks Season 2 – What to Expect as Filming Begins?

Outer Banks Season 2 - What to Expect from the Sophomore Series?

Outer Banks on Netflix was a massive hit during the summer. While locked in due to the pandemic, people lived vicariously through the young people on screen, enjoying the sun during the summer. The show was one of the most viewed on the platform, which is why Netflix was quick to greenlight season 2.

Well, we all know what happened before the start of the summer. A global pandemic shut everything down, which meant movie and TV production were also halted. Outer Banks season 2 was a go but filming on the show could not begin. But here we still look at what we can expect from the beloved treasure hunting show’s second season on Netflix.

Stranded But Not Lost – Trip to the Bahamas

Outer Banks season 2 started filming in September of 2020.Outer Banks season 2 started filming in September of 2020.
Image Source: Netflix

As the finale of Outer Banks rolled, the Pogues ran around the town to make sure John B and Sarah Cameron can evade capture. They finally get on the boat and, despite dangerous conditions, make their way to the ocean. The typhoon rains on their escape, and the lovebirds are stranded on a tipped over the boat.

All hope seems lost, but a boat comes to their rescue, and as fate would have it, the boat is also headed to Nassau, Bahamas. The same place Sarah’s father went on his private plane, stealing all the gold belonging to the Pogues.

The team said they were going to Nassau to get back their gold, and it seems Sarah and John B will lay the groundwork to steal back their treasure. Outer Banks is where the story started, but the Bahamas seems to be where the plot is headed soon.

The Pogues will also probably make their way to the Bahamas to help the two lovers. But according to reports, filming of the show has begun in South Carolina and not the Bahamas.

Outer Banks Season 2 Filming Began in South Carolina

While the story seems to be headed towards the Bahamas, the show’s filming has instead begun in South Carolina. It seems the creative team is getting the Outer Banks scenes done before moving on to the treasure hunting scenes outside of America.

As everyone probably knows by now, Outer Banks is a real place located in North Carolina, but due to some controversial state laws passed by the North, filming was instead done in South Carolina. All the cast arrived in the place where the first season was filmed with masks on and maintaining social distancing.

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Filming for the show took place in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and Summerville, South Carolina. There were some problems during the production as the creators had to apologize for the disruption they caused during the filming of season 2.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date

There has been a lot of disruption for many shows and movies over the past few months. The world came to a halt, but it seems everything is going back to some level of normality over the past few weeks. Filming for the show is currently in full swing with the whole cast in South Carolina.

Outer Banks season 2 will probably wrap up filming before December, with post-production starting soon after. Keeping all that in mind and considering the production’s somewhat limited capacity, we are expecting a summer release for the show.

The first season of the show was a great distraction during the starting period of the pandemic. Six months later, the cast and the show are beloved, which is why there is a lot of anticipation about season 2. Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes are dating for real adds even more to the anticipation. And you do not have to wait long for Outer Banks season 2.

Outer Banks season 1 was released in April of 2020, but we are expecting the second season to arrive sometime in June or July of 2021.

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