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‘Posty’ New Haircut For Energy Drink ‘Monster’ Goes Viral – New Haircut & Face Tattoo Details!

Post Malone new haircut & Face Tattoo

American rapper, singer Post Malone aka Posty’s New Look For Energy Drink ‘Monster’ Goes Viral! Grab details on his new hairstyle and tattoos.

By now all the Posty fans have already seen the Saint Tropez hitmaker’s new haircut which as of lately has been trending all over the Internet. From ‘curls’ to ‘dreads’ and now a ‘Zero’ size hair-cut, Malone surely has a unique sense of fashion. Rocking the wardrobe with a cowboy hat & Chelsea boots to Nike Airmax & having own design Crocs, Posty is a living pop inspiration up bringing some of the finest musical genres like Rock, Rap, and Grunge.

With such coolness, the recent energy drink post is LIT. As after his curly hair looks, Malone showed up in a new short hair looks. In order to grab the changes and learn some of Malone’s tattoos, we have detailed some of the things you might be intersted in.

Post Malone’s Refreshing Monster Energy Drink Looks

Post Malone new haircut for Monster Post astonishes million of his followers with his new groovy looks.
Image Source: Instagram (@postmalone)

 The White Iverson hitmaker rocked his new sexy haircut on a dark leather jacket, Tee, and drop earrings, Malone simply nails it. The image articulated of Malone being in a studio with the energy drink Monster.

Post-Malone has 10 Face Tattoo

If you go through Malone face tattoos, the 25 years-old shares over 10 tattoos. Some of his popular face tattoos are Barbed Wire Tatoo covered all over his upper edge of the forehead.

Post Malone Face Tattoo

Like every tattoo has meaning Malone’s ones do too!
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, Posty also shares a ‘Sword’ coming right from his right temple to his cheeks. On his right part of the forehead, Malone has also tatted a pair of spade ‘Ace’.

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Moving on to his right brows and left brows above he shares a tattoo with words written ‘Stay  Away and beneath it, there is ‘Always Tired‘. On side of it there is a smiley, playboy, mini heart inked.  Last but not the least, on the left part of his face, Malone has a shadow tree inked which was tatted by a popular tattoo artist Ganji.

So that’s more of it! How do you like Malone’s new look? Comment below; To find more celebrities Tattoos, News, Tell World and Movie Shows updates make sure to bookmark BAE Mag.

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Last modified: February 4, 2021