‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Intends to Keep Impala When Filming Ends

Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Intends to Keep Impala When Filming Ends

Jensen Ackles revealed he was allowed to bring home Dean Winchester’s impala.

Once filming concludes, Jensen Ackles, famous for playing Dean Winchester on Supernatural, is set to take home the beloved Impala of the Winchester brothers.

Premiering in 2005, Supernatural is a dark fantasy series revolving around the lives of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. The duo travels together around North America to hunt supernatural entities, which include monsters and demons.

Thanks to Dean’s Impala, their travels become convenient. As we know from early on in the series, Dean is seriously afraid of flying, subjecting Supernatural’s monster hunting to places where the Impala can be driven.

Supernatural is gradually nearing its end after more than a decade, and the cast and crew are preparing to shoot the final installment of the drama. Like several other series, the current coronavirus pandemic led to a filming delay which meant the final episodes of season 15 have been moved back until later this year.

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As a result, last-minute script adjustments have also been made to Supernatural, to meet new constraints such as avoiding crowded scenes. But as Supernatural nears conclusion for the final time, at least one star has announced what he will take home from the series.

Ackles – confirmed to star as Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3 – revealed in an interview with Digital Spy he would finish his tenure on Supernatural by bringing home the prop he had laid his eyes on from the start: Dean’s black Chevrolet Impala in 1967.

The car became an iconic feature of the show, and is so unique to Dean that it is sometimes referred to as his “baby.” Ackles clarified he had “begged and begged and pleaded” for years to be able to drive the Impala home, but his words fell on deaf ears.

Now producers are finally approving his request, and Ackles is officially granted a permit to leave with the beloved vehicle.

Meanwhile, Jensen’s co-star Jared Padalecki, too, will be bidding farewell with a fair share of souvenirs. Though he admits what he truly wanted to take was the bunker of the Men of Letters, “it wouldn’t fit in [his] car.”

Nonetheless, Padalecki is taking things in good measure, revealing he was still able to carry plenty of “trinkets here and there.” away. It’s obvious Ackles and Padalecki cherish their last few moments on set as much as they can, and their collecting enthusiasm is a bittersweet moment for Supernatural fans all around the world.

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While the information on Supernatural’s finale is still kept under wraps, trailers show the Winchesters have set out on a mission to execute God, which is precisely the sort of massive penultimate episode that fans are counting on.

That being said, the finale will unquestionably be an emotional moment for everyone involved in this remarkable journey of 15 years. As such, whether it’s through mementos or photos, it’s obvious Ackles and Padalecki will always hold to their time on Supernatural.

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