TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Commits Suicide at 18 – Learn Why and Her Dating Life!

Feb 16, 2021 @ 21:05 GMT+0000
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Dazhariaa Quint dead at 18 from Suicide

TikTok users might already know about the shocking demise of one of the popular TikToker Dazhariaa Quint better known by her username as ‘Bxbygirlldee’ which has over a million followers. Besides Quint’s popular TikTok account she was also known for her popular Instagram account and beauty shop which had more than 112,000 followers. 

And while many of you reading this might also be thinking the same question that has been popping inside everyone’s mind “why did Dazhariaa Quint commit suicide?” Hold on as we’ve got all the things covered up!

Why Dazhariaa Quint Died? – Father Raheem Alla Reported Daughter Dead!

Quint who died on Monday was not in so good mental state while she died. As the 18 years-old social media star posted her last ever video of herself singing and dancing with a depressing caption “Ok, I know I’m annoying y’all, this is my last post.”

Dazhariaa Quint commits suicide

Dazhariaa Quint’s last post before suicide.
Image Source: Instagram

Quint suicides and have been one of the curious yet shocking news not only to his fans but also to his family members. Dazhariaa’s father Raheem Alla broke the news of her daughter’s demise with an emotional video on TikTok.

“She was my little best friend and I wasn’t prepared in no way, to bury my child,” People quoted him as saying. She was so happy, and would be so excited to see me when I come home from being on the road,” he continued. “I only wish she would have spoken to me about her stress and the thoughts of suicide. We could work thru this.”

The exact reason behind Quint’s suicide is still unknown; Raheem even expressed her sadness about daughter Dazhariaa hiding her feelings & problems from him. Alla wished that Quint had shared her suppressed feeling and hopes he could’ve saved her.

Who was Dazhariaa Quint Dating? – Quint Last Post

Dazhariaa was in a romantic relationship with their boyfriend Mike better known from his Instagram and TikTok username @finessekidmike. After the demise, Mike posted a tribute video of the young star on his TikTok account sharing “God bless her and her next.”

Dazhariaa Quint boyfriend Mike

Dazhariaa’s boyfriend sharing an emotional post after Quint’s demise.
Image Source: Instagram

Mike wrote some emotional lines remembering Quint for such memorable moments and mourns her demise with a condolence writing “Rest in Peace baby”. It surely has been a heartbreak and in such a time of melancholy, we too express our deepest condolence to Dazhariaa and her family. May her soul rest in peace in heaven.

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