Selena Gomez Says Social Media Companies are ‘Cashing in from Evil’

Jan 17, 2021 @ 15:33 GMT+0000
Selena Gomez Says Social Media Companies are 'Cashing in from Evil'

Selena Gomez claims the big tech companies need to do more than the bare minimum.

In a recent interview at the weekend, Selena Gomez stated big social media companies are “cashing in from evil” and they’re far from saints.

The singer and actress had been bemoaning about giant tech firms for months and told The Associated Press shortly after pro-Trump hooligans had besieged the U.S. Capitol:

This is about truth versus lies and Facebook, Instagram, and Big Tech companies have to stop allowing lies to just flow and pretend to be the truth.

Gomez added,

Facebook has continued to allow dangerous lies about vaccines and COVID and the U.S. election, and neo-Nazi groups are selling racist products via Instagram.

On the day of the riots, 6th January 2021, Gomez took to Twitter to share her thoughts where she said the attack stemmed from allowing people with hatred in their souls to use platforms that should instead be used to bring people together and allow them to build community.

She said social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google had failed the American public that day and urged them to make things right heading forward.

Speaking to AP on the day of the riot, Selena claimed tech companies needed to do better than the “bare minimum.”

Gomez became serious about the topic in 2017 after a 12-year-old wrote under one of her Instagram pictures, “Go kill yourself.”

She said,

That was my tipping point. I couldn’t handle what I was seeing.

She’s only one of a handful of liberal celebs calling out tech giants for turning the blind eye to what they consider as potentially dangerous material being posted on their sites.

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Meanwhile, conservatives too are now calling out tech giants for the other reason – censorship.

Many Trump backers blasted Twitter for permanently barring President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others following the riots, and Facebook and Instagram for shutting down Trump’s account altogether.

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