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Torres from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Might be More Than He Seems!


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrived on Disney+ after months of anticipation. The premiere showed off some familiar faces and allowed all of us to reminisce about the Captain. But one new character, Torres, is piquing my interest because that name sounds really familiar with a Falcon comic character.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty a disclaimer for everyone, heavy spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the premiere episode do not read any further. Come back after you shed some tears for the memory of Captain and what his legacy is turned into.

In the premiere episode, we get to see familiar characters, there is War Machine, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier. Also, GSP‘s character from Captain America 2 makes a return, and we get to reminisce about the past. And when the episode looks ahead, they also introduce new characters.

There is the gentle soul Mr. Nakajima, the father of a man slain by Bucky. Bucky strikes a friendship with the old man but things are going to sour in that relationship. Another relationship that won’t go sour though is the one between Torres and Sam. And the creators of the show are being cute by not revealing Torres‘ full name in the first episode.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Torres is an Important Character

From the first shot The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we were dropped into action. Falcon was tasked with rescuing an American soldier before the bad guys entered the Libyan airspace. He gets off the transport ship like the Captain and on the ground, a small support team is following the battle.

In the small group is First Lieutenant Torres who has formed a relationship with Sam. He wants to soar like Falcon but without “cool Stark tech” he is just a soldier. Torres is also the one who turns Sam towards the group called the Flag-Smashers who want to end all borders and believer the world was better after the blip happened.

After the small skirmish with terrorists, Sam is back in the US while he leaves Torres in Algeria. Sam asks Torres to keep him informed about the group so he takes the initiative and heads to Switzerland where a meeting of the believers is happening.

In the European country, Torres encounters Helmut-Zemo and he is injured trying to capture the Civil War villain. But he has everything captured on a camera that Falcon sees. It all seems fine, the US military man seems like a side-kick kid who is enamored by an Avenger.

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But you see, by not uttering the character’s first name in episode one, the writers are playing coy. His name is obviously Joaquin Torres who has appeared in the recent Falcon comics. And by hiding the first name of the character, the writers are hiding the importance of the character moving forward.

In Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 we are introduced to Joaquin Torres who gets in the crosshairs of the Sons of the Serpent. He is injured by the Sons and turned into a human-bird hybrid in the comics. As Sam starts to become Captain America, the void he left as Falcon is filled by Joaquin Torres.

While we do not see Torres getting experimented on and sprouting wings, the character however has already expressed a desire to take up the mantle of Falcon. He wants to fly like Falcon and as Sam becomes more and more convinced the Shield of Captain America belongs with him, he would need to shed the identity of Falcon.

So, the sneaky bastards at MCU are hiding a potential hero, in plain sight. This also plays into the massive world of possible Young Avengers movies. From Cassie Lang to Hawkeye‘s prodigy in the upcoming Disney+ series, there are diverse groups of young heroes waiting in the wings for the MCU, so a new Falcon with Joaquin Torres does not seem like a bad idea.

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