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Who is Galveston Lawyer Mark Metzger? Why Was the Prankster Arrested?

Mark Metzger Case update –  Details of Texas-based lawyer who was handcuffed by a police officer for walking in a Holloween Character at Hurricane Nicholas’ landfall in Texas.

Social media has made us so occupied that people nowadays have forgotten the limitation has crossed the line when it comes to views and engagement. Everyone wants to gets famous now which is the reason why a lot of people are pulling off pranks and almost ready to beg for content.

In a similar way, if you have been following the internet lately then you might well know about Mark Metzger was handcuffed by police officers after he walked on the beach dressing up as a Halloween character with a knife.

Why was the Prankster Mark Metzger Arrested?

He adopted the character from the Halloween series from Slash films. When he walked in with a serial killer looks holding a bloody knife and walking on a beach. Well, who wouldn’t be horrified to see a masked guy with a knife right!

Mark Metzger Arrest Details

Snippet of prankster Mark Metzger from the beach. (Image Source: NewsWeekly)

And seeing a lunatic guy walking over the beach, one of the undisclosed individuals the police officer and shortly he was arrested. Shortly after the police officer arrives, he was arrested and investigated.

After being investigated by the police officers, they found that the knife and the blood shown were not real and faked to prank people. He was cited for disorderly conduct by Galveston Police and released.

While asked about the situation and chaos he created, he responded by sharing that he was just spreading some positivity in the gloomy day but the way of his presentation didn’t seem to be spreading positive vibes.

Mark Metzger Facebook, Wiki & Wife

After Mark Metzger’s act went viral, ABC 13, reporter Mycah Hatfield, later shared a video of Mark sharing that he did it on purpose and was nothing but a prank.

Since Mark only gained popularity after his prank arrest and is not a celebrity or public figure, there is not much information related to his personal life, wife, and such. Nevertheless, Metzger is from Missouri City, Texas, and is a lawyer by profession.

Mark graduated from Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in September 2014 and is a member of the Marine Corps League. Well, what do you think about the silly prank pulled by a professional lawyer who holds a degree for eight years?

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