Who is Jackson Robert Scott? Six Interesting facts About Locke & Key 'Glee'

Dec 8, 2020 @ 19:26 GMT+0000
Jackson Robert Scott facts, Parents, Sister, The Only Original Cast Member in 'Locke & Key', The Famous 'Yellow' Raincoat Boy in Stephen King's It, Likes Clowns in Real!

Grab some intriguing facts about Locke & Key and IT star Jackson Robert.

If you guys have watched the Netflix series Locke & Key then you might definitely be a fan of this 11 years old persona Jackson Robert. The young kid remarkable flaunted his acting skills at such a young age.

Though he might be a small guy, Jackson Robert has already proven himself to be a young talent star with an impressive fan base. But do we know him well enough? So, in order to know what's cooking, ahead we present you with some intriguing details of actor Jackson Robert Scott,

6) Jackson Robert Scott Parents, Sister

Jackson Robert Scott parents-sister Addison Scott.

Snippet of Jackson Robert Scott with father, mother, and sister Addison.
Image Source: Instagram

Jackson was born from father Dan Scott and his mother in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. He shares a sister Addison Scott. Scott belongs to the white ethnicity and is American.

Robert completed his schooling in Middle School Education. Jackson got his career breakthrough from the 2017 movie IT and now is part of an amazing series like Fear the Walking Dead, Locke and Key, and Criminal Minds.

5) The Only Original Cast Member in 'Locke & Key'

Jackson Robert The Only original cast member in Locke & Key

Locke & Key as Bode Locke/Glee
Image Source: Netflix

Yes, Jackson Robert was the first choice by the Netflix production team when the entire Locke & Key team acquired its rights. Well, if they didn't sure it would've lost its taste.

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And Robert undoubtedly proved it with his amazing acting skills playing the character of Bode Locke/Glee, if you guys are yet to watch the series then we sure do recommend you to go through it. One of the recommended series of 2020.

4) The Famous 'Yellow' Raincoat Boy in Stephen King's It

Jackson Roberyt Scott during it movie premiere

Robert during It premiere.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, Jackson was the kid in the hooky yellow jacket playing as Dead Georgie Denbrough in Stephen King's 'It'. And the interesting fact he showed up in a similar IT dress with denim and a yellow jacket during the movie premiere.

Made more value when he left the theater and everyone was marking at the boy seeing him real and alive in a person. (must have been a moment)

3) Likes Clowns in Real!

Jackson Robert Scott-likes-clown

Scott is not afraid of Clowns in real life.
Image Source: Instagram

Sarcastically as in the movie It, Georgie rooting towards the 'clown' who was trailing him showing the paper boat without any fear, Jackson actually loves clown in real life.

Matter of fact, in an interview Scott shared that he enjoyed working with Pennywise the Clow played by Bill Skarsgård. Scott praised Bill saying that he was very friendly and nice in real.

2) Scott Find Scariness Fun

Scott Find Scariness FunTough Kid.
Image Source: Pinterest

A tough & impressive talk from 11 years kid who thunks horror movie "fun & interesting" And Jackson when asked about which character he finds scary shared that he finds Annabelle frightening and is fans of the conjuring series.

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And Scott sure made his fun come to reality. As a fun fact, Scott starred in the movie Skin, a short horror movie which won Oscar for Best Short Film. Biy sure got thrills. Beyond his horror roles, he has also enjoyed great success in his other performances. In 2018, for instance, he starred in Skin - a short film that went on to win an Oscar for Best Short Film (Live Action).

1) Popular Kid on Instagram

 Jackson Robert Scott Instagram

On the throne.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, Jackson Robert Scott is one of the popular kids on social media precisely on Instagram amassing more than 1 million followers. Yes, you heard it right, he has a huge fanbase of one million-plus.

And if you move towards Jackson's Insta feed then you can find updates of his coming movies, shows, lifestyle,e, and some personal stuff, If you are a fan we sure recommend you to follow him @ jacksonrobertscottofficial.

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