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Why was Sharon Not Pardoned After Captain America: Civil War?


https://stillabae.com/tag/winter-soldier/After the slow star to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the show is finally picking up some steam with weird alliances being formed. In episode 3, two former MCU characters made their appearances, while Zemo did not surprise anyone, Sharon‘s admittance that she was not pardoned came as a shock. So, why was she not given some leeway for helping Captain and his group in Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War pitted the heroes of Marvel against one another as they disagreed on who gets to tell them where they can go and cannot go. The Sokovia accords put Captain and Iron Man at odds and when Bucky was framed for a bombing, things came to a head resulting in heroes choosing factions and going their separate ways.

Sharon Carter, a former SHIELD agent now working for CIA, is also in Berlin during the summit where she meets Captain and his friends. She agrees to help them and get them the confiscated Shield and Falcon wings. This results in her going against the US government which causes her to go on the run, getting all the way to Madripoor where she hid.

Why Winter Soldier was Pardoned But Not Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


The events of Avengers: Infinity War happened a little later than the Avenger-fracturing battle of Civil War. Everyone was scattered with Captain breaking out the friends who were arrested after the final battle. Scott was under FBI supervision, Falcon was on the run with the Captain and Black Panther gave shelter to the Winter Soldier.

Black Widow also helped the team during the airport battle which meant she was warned by Tony that the government was coming for her. Natasha went on the run as well, and where she went is something we will get to see in her first solo movie coming in 2021. So, the Iron Man faction remained and everyone who sided with Captain was on the run, no one was pardoned.

But when Thanos‘ lackeys arrived on earth, the on the run Avengers decided it was time to come back, a phone call from Bruce helped as well. As Wanda was also on the run with the Captain faction they were found by the stone gatherers in Ireland. During the battle Captain, Falcon and Black Widow come to their aid injuring one of the villains.

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They also come back home with Vision, drawing the ire of General Marshall. War Machine was more than welcoming as Tony was gone and they needed all hands on deck. From there everyone knows what happened. Black Widow was not pardoned as she died retrieving the mind stone in Endgame, but everyone else who took part in the battle with Thanos‘ army were given a pardon.

But Sharon was not there during the final fight, she was still in Madripoor and the US government might be forgiving when it comes to heroes, CIA is not. So, the simplest reason for her not getting pardoned is the fact that she worked for SHIELD and then cheated CIA out of secret weapons, they cannot trust her and just out of spite, did not allow the pardon to go through.

Sharon helped the heroes and she should get a pardon, Falcon may be able to stay true to his promise but Ms. Carter will have to stay in the shadows for just a little longer. Captain would’ve helped her but he is not there anymore so it is up to his friends to help out another friend. Sharon just wants to speak to her father and go home, Falcon can probably swing that by the end of The Flacon and the Winter Soldier.

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