Who is Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s What You Should Know

Apr 14, 2021 @ 17:27 GMT+0000
Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Brett Oppenheim girlfriend in 2021. Find out if the real estate agent is dating someone.

Brett Oppenheim is one of the most renowned real estate agents in Hollywood Hills; Well, he is certainly one of the top brokers in the area, but he is well-known for appearing on Netlfix’s docusoap, Selling Sunset.

Presiden of Oppenheim Real Estate, formerly Vice President of The Oppenheim Group, is the most eligible bachelor in the town. Not only us fans of the show, but his co-stars were also eager to know about the real estate entrepreneur’s dating life.

Despite a public figure and his life, Brett Oppenheim is all there to observe on the Netflix show, managed to keep his relationship a secret. Well, the veil is up now, and Brett made his love life public recently.

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So, who is the real estate agent dating in 2021? Here’s everything you should know.

Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend in 2021

The big revelation came in the third season of Netflix docusoap, Selling Sunset. The 44-year-old real estate agent admitted he is, in fact, seeing someone.

Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend in 2021 Katya Dmitrenco
In the picture, Brett Oppenheim and his girlfriend, Katya Dmitrenco (on the left), with their friends and Selling Sunset co-starts.
Photo Source: Brett Oppenheim, Instagram

During one of the episodes of Season 3, Brett Oppenheim admitted he is seeing his girlfriend, Katya Dmitrenco. The 44-year-old said their relationship is casual, but the two seem to be so much in love.

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Katya Dmitrenco often makes appearances on Brett’s Instagram posts following the show’s revelation, which indicates their relationship is more than just casual dating.

Who is Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend, Katya Dmitrenco?

It may seem to Brett Oppenheim’s followers that Katya is just a girlfriend of the real estate agent, but she is a successful businesswoman in her own right. According to her Instagram profile, she is the owner of KD Brows.

Brett Oppenheim Girlfriend in 2021 Katya Dmitrenco
Brett Oppenheim’s girlfriend, Katya Oppenheim, is a successful businesswoman.
Photo Source: Katya Dmitrenco, Instagram

While talking about her company, Katya Dmitrenco’s KD Brows specializes in micro-blading and micro-lamination.

While talking about her roots, Katya Dmitrenco was born in Molodova in Ukraine and was raised in the US. She moved to the US at the age of 13 and reunited with her mother after years of separation.

Later at the age of 19, Katya moved to Los Angeles and set up KD Brows in 2015.

Selling Sunset Stars are Fans of Katya

As we mentioned earlier, Brett made a huge revelation about his girlfriend during one of season 3 of Selling Sunset episodes.

During the episode, Heather Rae Young didn’t shy away to say Katya resembles her in many ways. That’s a huge compliment from her, as we all know how much Heather loves herself.

And, even Christine Quinn gave her seal of approval, which is very rare. Quinn comments on every single Instagram post of Katya, and all we see is praise! That’s a WOW!!!

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