CwcvillGaurdian aka Chris Chan Arrest Update and Controversy


Chris Chan Did What! All details of one of the most cringy and controversial news of a loony transgender women Chris Chan facts on her sexual intercourse with mother Barbara. 

Over the past few days, the news of Chris Chan allegedly raping her 80 years old mother Barbara who suffers from dementia and is currently in the hospital for senior care.


With that, recently Chris’ been temporarily restricted to stay nearby her house & meet her mother. So what happened so, far? Are the news and conspiracy true? Ahead we’ve presented you with all the facts, breaking it down to the simplest form.

Chris Chan Did What! – Chris Chan Admits Sexually Assaulting His Mother Barbara

Chris shared that he even had feelings of having sex with his mom Barbara. On the leaked call, Chris shares that the intercourse was Satisfactory while it took a few tries to actually happen. The anonymous lady on the phone even asks about her relationship with girlfriend Fiona.


When asked, Chris Chan shared that he was very horny and even needed a true and honest relationship, without mentioning his current relationship status with Fiona.

Chris Chan Controversy – Advanced Christory

A lot of conspiracy has been revolving around the media. If you have been following Chris, then you might well know that Chan is the creator of Sonichu comic (A fictional comic character derived from Pikachu and Sonic Hedgehog hybrid). And after the recent leaked call, the comic doesn’t seem to be funny or intriguing at all.


Watch: Sonichu 102: Advanced Christory


The thing reads thought was funny in hindsight started to seem to cringe particularly after reading chapter 13 discussed at 1:26:00 and 1:29:00.

But with the recent arrays of conspiracy and her leaked call and text, the 39-year-old Chan who later changed her name to Christine following the gender swap in 2016 is also suspected to faked it for public attention as it is how people use it to get famous.


Another fan assumption also tells that Chris might’ve done it after some blackmail or threats to speak in such a way, well, we’ll have to wait for it up till the DNA reports and hear from Barbara herself about the situation if she remembers.

CwcvillGaurdian aka Chris Chan Bio-Wiki, Age

Christine Weston ‘Chris’ Chandler better known as CwcvillGaurdian & Chris Chan is popular for being a comic creator Sonichu. Not much information about his early life is available, however, she was born in 1982.

Chris Chan Wiki, Age

CwcvillGaurdian aka Chris Chan Bio-Wiki, Age. (Image Source: Facebook

Chris became popular more in a negative way as back in 207 she was known for being narcissistic, manipulative, and homophobic. She suffers from dysmorphia – a deformity or abnormality in the shape or size of a specified part of the body.

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