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‘EastEnders’ Star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha Teases Possible Love Triangle

'EastEnders' Star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha Teases Possible Love Triangle

‘EastEnders’ star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha teases a possible romance twist between Ash and Peter.

EastEnders actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha talked about a potential romantic relationship between her character Ash Panesar and Peter Beale.

The duo has had a flirtatious relationship lately, but last night’s episode saw Peter shift his focus to Ash’s mother, Suki, instead. After spending the evening flirting with Ash, Peter ended up getting tempted by Suki, when she obviously passed up the opportunity.

Fans need to wait and see if Peter and Suki’s fling transforms into something more, but Gurlaine – who portrays Ash – doesn’t rule out the chance of her alter-ego submitting to her charms either.

Gurlaine said,

Maybe Ash is using him to distract herself from what’s going on. She’s lied and has problems in her relationship so it’s more of a fun distraction for her.

She added,

On a friendship level, she wants to be there for him and maybe it’ll develop into something more. But then it could all be a distraction and she doesn’t want to be with him truly – who knows!

Gurlaine continued,

I think Ash knows that Peter is interested in her a little – not that he’d want a relationship with her or anything that serious at this stage. He is that guy on the Square that’s been with a few of the other girls, Ash enjoys him trying his luck!

Next week’s episodes will also witness Ash’s love affair with Iqra hit the point of no return as her lies about Jags are revealed. Ash would plan to come to Iqra to clear up her brother’s unfair prison term after they discover Habiba is pregnant with Jags’ child.

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Talking about Ash’s reaction to the latest update:

Ash has previously dealt with falling pregnant herself and not having that child, because of certain reasons.

So for her to know that a child is going to be coming into the world – a new member of her family and the fact they won’t have their dad around, I think that’s what does it for her.

It’s not just about her siblings and mother – there’s now an innocent child involved because of their lie.

Gurlaine states Ash is highly protective of her loved ones, but besides feeling compassionate, she still carries the regret since she’s contributed to this and needs to make things right.

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Last modified: January 13, 2021