Will Sheree and Isaac’s Past Be Explored on EastEnders? Suzette Llewellyn Has Her Say!

Suzette Llewellyn appears to hint Sheree and Isaac's past will be explored on EastEnders.

Suzette Llewellyn appears to hint Sheree and Isaac’s past will be explored on EastEnders.

The Sheree Trueman of EastEnders will be the center of attention next week when she disappears following her husband Patrick’s stroke.


Isaac continues asking questions about his mom’s whereabouts, as Denise ponders Lucas’ claim that Phil assaulted Patrick, with Kim thinking that it could be Lucas himself who was blamed for Sheree disappearing.

And that’s not all, as actress Suzette Llewellyn mentioned there will be “lots to be excited about.”


Just when everything seems to be on an even keel for the family – past problems come back to rock the boat for Sheree and Isaac.

Suzette also admitted she had never seen the original episodes in which Lucas featured and terrorized Denise when they first premiered but had been starting to catch up with them in recent times, and was especially pleased to see how younger stars like Maisie Smith used to be.

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Another drama involving the family unveiled last night when fans heard Chelsea was a part of the gang, and it seems like she might not be honest with her forgiveness to Lucas, in an effort to engage him in implicating criminal activities.

EastEnders continues on 11th January on BBC One.


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