Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead – Greenlit in One Sitting By Netflix!

Jan 9, 2021 @ 19:29 GMT+0000

Zack Snyder is not as well revered as Christopher Nolan but still, movie nerds hold the director in high regard. So, much so a studio is pressured to invest in and then release a director’s cut years after the release of the original Justice League. Netflix also seems to hold the director in high regard as his Army of the Dead movie was greenlit by the streaming giant after one sitting.

For the majority of his career, Zack Snyder has been a Warner Bros. director. All of his directorial ventures have been with the studio and it was surprising when the company decided to retool his Justice League movie with Marvel maestro Joss Whedon. The relationship between the two seems to have fractured since then and Zack’s zombie flick is coming to a new home.

Army of the Dead was supposed to be the production of Warner Bros. They were more than happy to bankroll the zombie thriller but Zack Snyder recently revealed that he was getting more and more cold shoulders from people at Warner Bros. and now Army of the Dead is coming to Netflix.

Netflix Impressed with Army of the Dead After One Sitting

zack-snyder-army-of-the-dead-netflixZack Snyder was amazed by Netflix’s quick decision making with Army of the Dead.
Image Source: IMDb

Zack Snyder wrote about his displeasure at Warner Bros. who were not taking Army of the Dead seriously. With DC movies causing fights in the Warner camps the director was more and more on the outs of things and he had enough of the studio’s antics.

In looking for a new home, Zack landed in a meeting with Netflix’s head of original films, Scott Stuber. The meeting was encompassing a wide range of topics with the director pitching ideas of projects he can handle for the streaming giant.

While explaining different stories Zack explained Scott was attracted to the idea of Army of the Dead. As soon as he started explaining about the movie the Netflix rep instantly greenlit the project and asked Zack to write it fast and start shooting within the week. It was a surprising experience for the Man of Steel director.

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During a discussion with EW, the director said, “We were in a meeting at Netflix and I was talking about some of these scripts I was working on. And I mentioned the idea to [Scott Stuber] and he was like, ‘That is the movie! Go write that movie and let’s make it.’ I was like, ‘What, do you mean now?’ And he’s like, ‘Go write it tomorrow and we’ll do shoot it in a week.'”

Zack was talking about various movie ideas, the meeting wasn’t even a specific Army of the Dead pitch. But Scott was impressed with where the story of Army of the Dead was headed and the franchise possibility the film provided in the long run.

The quick decision-making at Netflix was something that took Zack by surprise and even surprising was their commitment to the idea. There is currently multiple Army of the Dead projects in the works at Netflix and it all started with an instant decision during a pitch meeting.

A Prequel and Anime Series of Army of the Dead Also Coming to Netflix

Zack Snyder’s idea of Army of the Dead was so impressive for Netflix’s rep that they decided to commit over different properties in the same world. The movie Zack is making for Netflix is only one of three different projects currently in the works at the streaming giant.

Army of the Dead: The Prequel is another movie that will follow the first one (recently finished filming). The story will be a prequel to the events of the first movie. And there is also an anime project currently in the works currently titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

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Zack Snyder not only got a new home for his first directorial venture outside of Warner Bros., but the director found a long term partner for his ideas. Instead of a one and done deal, Netflix is committing longterm to Zack Snyder. With the streaming app battle heating up in recent months, this seems to be a smart deal by Netflix to funnel a massive fanbase behind Zack.

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