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Elizabeth Hurley Breaks Down Her Obsession with Bikinis

Elizabeth Hurley Breaks Down Her Obsession with Bikinis

Learn the reason Elizabeth Hurley often uploads racy bikini pictures on Instagram. Many have been wondering for a while why she ‘prances around’ in bikinis.

Elizabeth Hurley‘s fans are well aware that the 55-year-old model has a sizable Instagram following, often sharing pictures of herself bikini-clad and/or braless everywhere from the shore to her own garden on a cold winter day.

The tasty snaps, as per Hurley, aren’t just for the purpose of titillation; she told Extra that it was an effort to promote her swimsuit line amid the pandemic.

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Hurley explained,

I have my own swimwear line. I wouldn’t ordinarily be prancing around in quite so much beachwear, so there is a reason behind prancing around in so many swimsuits.

Referencing the unprecedented pandemic, she added:

We haven’t been allowed to go on vacation in 14 months… I have a beachwear company and haven’t been on the beach… Hence, we have been selling what we can. We’ve been improvising.

This is precisely the reason Hurley says they’ve been on hay bales, they’ve been in the snow, and they’ve been in the shower.

She’s also managed to tune out critics of her regularly revealing appearance.

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She believes that people are cruel to women and that this is not how people should be, so she can’t say that she agrees with those remarks.

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Last modified: May 23, 2021