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Who is Haylie Duff Boyfriend in 2021? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Haylie Duff boyfriend in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Haylie Duff’s boyfriend in 2021. Everything you should know about Haylie and her boyfriend’s relationship.

Haylie Duff (born Haylie Katherine Duff) is an American actress, fashion designer, host, writer, singer, and many more. While Haylie has made a name for herself, she was and is widely known as the sister of actress Hilary Duff.

The Texas native Haylie started her acting career at an early age. Before she embarked on acting, she started her dancing career. Duff started began her ballet training at the age of 10, following which she landed a role in “Nutcracker.”

After a year, Haylie Duff landed several television series roles, starting with a small part in the “True Women” mini-series. Since then, Duff never looked back and only growing in her multi-faceted career.

Guess we don’t need to stress more on her career, as many of her fans already know about her excellent career. Well, to be honest, Haylie Duff’s fans already know too much about her, like about her personal and love life.

However, some want to know about her relationship status and whom she is dating in 2021. So, who is Haylie Duff’s boyfriend? Let’s find out.

Haylie Duff Boyfriend in 2021: Who is the Actress Dating?

Haylie Duff does have someone special in her life; well, it’s not her boyfriend tho, we mean not anymore. Hillary Duff and her boyfriend, Matt Rosenberg, are already engaged. The couple exchanged the engagement ring back in 2012.

The long-term couple already shares two lovely daughters, Ryan Ava Erhard and Lulu Gray. The relationship which started back in 2012 has come a long way and only going stronger from herein.

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Their growing love is evident on their social media; however, the couple is yet to reveal their wedding date. When it comes to weddings, Haylie Duff wants to hold things for a while. Let’s find out why.

Haylie Duff Reveals It’s Not the Time to Marry Her Boyfriend, Matt Rosenberg Yet

Haylie Duff and her Boyfriend Matt Rosenberg have already proved that they are made for each other. They make the perfect couple one could ever imagine. The almost decade-long relationship is only growing stronger, but they are afraid of weddings and married life.

For almost 10 years and share two children, the couple says they are not ready to tie the knots. Well, it’s been already a year since Haylie revealed she was not ready for the marriage, but we thought this was an important mention.

haylie duff boyfriend in 2021 matt rosenbergHaylie Duff and her boyfriend, Matt Rosenberg, share two daughters together. The couple exchanged the engagement ring back in 2012.
Photo Source: Haylie Duff, Instagram

Talking to US Magazine, Haylie Duff explained why that wouldn’t be “the time” to marry her boyfriend, Matt Rosenberg. Actress said,

“We’re busy with both of the kids and jobs, and we always say, ‘We will at some point,’ and then life continues to be busy, and we still really like each other, which is good, I guess. At some point, we will, but certainly now is not the time to have a wedding.”

Duff continued,

“You couldn’t have many people there, could you? We are fortunate that he has a workspace upstairs, where he can go up there and focus on his job, and I can work downstairs, and we can have moments to [ourselves] if we need it. We’ve liked this time.”

Haylie added,

“It affects everyone. There’s not really anybody that gets to escape what all is happening. We all are affected by it in different ways, and that’s the beautiful part is that we can all support each other because we are all experiencing the same things and in this together.”

Like we mentioned, this statement was from last year; maybe we will hear some good news this year. Fingers all crossed!

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