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Kaley Cuoco Reveals ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Still Keeps in Touch

Kaley Cuoco Reveals 'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Still Keeps in Touch

The lead star from The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco, says former castmates from The Big Bang Theory still stay in contact, even though it’s been almost two years since the show went off the air.

The entire lead cast of the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory still keeps in touch nearly two years after the show’s conclusion.

During a recent interview with Metro, the beloved Penny actress Kaley Cuoco shared how their relationship is like after the show ended.

Cuoco said,

Everyone is really doing great. It’s wonderful to see, that’s what you hope for, right? You hope you want all your friends to be successful. We had a unique experience for so long so to see everyone doing the things they want to be doing and successful. The texts are always happening.

One of her long-lasting friendships is with the iconic Sheldon Cooper actor Jim Parsons, who backed Cuoco throughout her Golden Globes journey this year, where she received a nomination in the category of Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for the new HBO Max show The Flight Attendant.

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The Cassie Bowden star recalled,

Jim had sent me a text the morning of the Globes because he saw a video I posted. He was like, ‘I just saw your video’. His message was very cute. He was very excited.

Kaley Cuoco further expressed her happiness that her former co-stars are doing well, saying how it’s pretty wonderful for all since everybody kind of wishes they don’t get shoehorned and that all of them from the show is doing the things they genuinely want to be doing, which is fantastic, and she’s overjoyed.

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Meanwhile, this gorgeous actress has been making rounds for her impressive performance on the latest comedy-drama series The Flight Attendant. After a successful debut outing, the show almost immediately received the green light for the second season.

The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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Last modified: March 23, 2021