Netflix’s Lupin Part 2 – Possibilities and Future for Assane

Jan 20, 2021 @ 18:27 GMT+0000
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It was a surprise opening Netflix and coming across the new French show starring Omar Sy. It appears the show arrived with relatively no hype but Omar’s turn as Arsene Lupin has people hooked and wanting more for Lupin Part 2.

A confidence-man, Omar Sy’s character Assane is a smooth thief who realizes that the dead father he despises was a victim of a frame job. Knowing about the person who framed his father, Assane sets out on a mission to clear his father’s name and bring justice to those who have escaped it for so long.

Taking inspiration from the famous Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Thief released in 1907, Assane embodies Lupin. The book acts as a framework for the main story in Lupin as a police officer draws similarities between the real-life burglar and the book he is inspired by.

The five-episode Part 1 went by in a smoke and with the cliffhanger ending of the final episode, fans want more. Lupin Part 2 is coming, there is no doubt about that, but what can we expect from the continuation of the story, let’s talk about it.

Netflix’s Lupin Part 2 – Father and Son’s Story Coming a Full Circle

lupin-part-2-netflix-assaneLupin Part 2 on Netflix will see Assane go against Leonard and Hubert.
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The first episode of Lupin showed the relationship between Babakar and Assane as they tried to start a new life in France. But soon the father and son were separated as Hubert Pellegrini hides his own necklace and pins the theft on Babakar.

Assane‘s father is sent to prison and the right-hand man of Hubert kills him. We saw the younger version of Leonard in the second episode as he smiles at the young Assane. He does not realize that the man in the prison and Hubert’s right-hand man is the same person.

Even more scary fact is Assane does not know Leonard killed his father. Now he has taken his son as well, three generations of the Diop family terrorized by a single man. We all know this is not going to end well for Leonard, first, he was a boy when Leonard caused him pain, now he is a father and the same thing is happening.

The way the story was set up in the five-episode Part 1, it seems Lupin Part 2 will make the story come full circle. In the first part, whatever Babakar did was for the betterment of his son, the same is the desire of Assane who will do whatever it takes to save his son.

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We are just waiting for the time when Assane learns that his father did not commit suicide. While he has only been a thief to this point, we would really forgive him if he decided to tear Leonard in half. Killing his father, his friend, and now kidnapping his son, the man is beyond saving.

Moving forward, Lupin Part 2 will see Assane on the backfoot for the first time. Episode four showed the reach of Hubert, money can definitely buy some strong friends but the one thing we know about Assane is, he is crafty and never backs down from a challenge.

Also, we are extremely excited to see what happens with Assane and the commissionaire. There is definitely something wrong with the story of the police chief and Youssef will probably be the ally Assane needs to get ahead. We definitely see the shunned officer teaming up with Assane, he is enamored by the story of Lupin, and seeing someone enact it all in real life must be a thrill.

Lupin Tops Bridgerton and Cobra Kai – On Track for 70 Million Household Reached in 28 Days

Bridgerton was one of the biggest shows on Netflix and it was projected to be watched by close to 60 million households in 28 days. Cobra Kai did a little better numbers than that but Lupin turned into a surprise hit for Netflix as it is projected to reach 70 million households in the next 28 days.

The French TV show seems to have really caught on with the Netflix viewers. Omar Sy is a recognizable face in France which definitely helped plus people in the west have seen the actor in The Intouchables. The movie was a massive success in the states and recently Kevin Hart played Omar’s character in the passable Hollywood adaptation.

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A heist show with a memorable actor, translated into worldwide success for Netflix. Considering everything, Lupin Part 2 is set for an even bigger level of success. The release date is yet unknown but you can catch Lupin Part 1 on Netflix right now.

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