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Spider-Man Star Tom Holland is Eager to Play Horror Movie

Tom Holland wants to star in a horror film after watching Get Out.

Tom Holland wants to star in a horror film after watching Get Out.

Horror films are wherever you look from the top of the box office lists to the base of the VOD bargain bucket, but for a few reasons, the genre has never really turned into the domain of big stars.

The first is clearly budgetary since most attempts are typically done on a comparatively resourceful budget, which is why the large bulk of the horrors that hit theaters seem to be in the black by the conclusion of their first weekend, no matter where they end up in the Top 10.

The second is probably based on immersion, because fans may not be willing to invest in an idea in the same manner if the Hollywood A-lister is associated.


A lot of celebrities have become big names from the back of horror, but very very seldom do we see massively popular faces running for their lives and screaming bloodthirsty murder, with It Chapter 2 (2019) being the obvious exception.

However, in the latest interview with Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya, Tom Holland confessed he’d love to be in a spooky film one day, even if he doesn’t carry the stomach to watch lots of gruesome content.

I’d like to do a horror film, but I’m so terrified of it. Get Out is one of the only horror films I’ve ever really seen, and I love that film, but I can’t tell you how much sleep you stole from me. We had a joke in my house, because, obviously, being English we drink loads of tea. And you’d be stirring the tea. ‘Why are you doing it like that? Are you trying to hypnotize me? What the hell?’

Kaluuya also confirms he’s not the greatest fan of the genre either, which is surprising because he won the Academy Award for Best Actor after leading Jordan Peele‘s smashing hit.

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The Spider-Man 3 star is obviously trying to diversify his projects, having received great reviews for his performance in Netflix’s The Devil All the Time (2020), while his forthcoming appearance in Russo brother’s Cherry (2021) is already pegged as the potential winner of the annual awards, so horror might be the next natural progression as he tries to prove there’s a lot more in his repertoire than just playing Spider-Man.

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Last modified: January 21, 2021