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New Captain America’s Future in MCU Depends on “What Fans Think” Wyatt Russell Explains!


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been a welcome addition to the MCU and almost all fans seem to be enjoying the nostalgic yet forward looking installment by Marvel. But one point has been divisive among fans, the new Captain America, who is getting publicly flogged in fan pages and Wyatt Russell says the views of fans will determine his place in the MCU moving forward.

Wyatt Russell was introduced as the new Captain America in the final moments of the first episode. He seemed like a nice family man who had ideals and values to match that of Steve, but for fans there can only be one Captain America. John Walker will never be Steve Rogers or Captain America, even if he tries his hardest, seeing some else other than the Cap holding that shield and being called that name is unseemly.

The way Wyatt is being treated by the fans of the MCU, it seems the actor does not have long in the most profitable cinematic franchise of all time. But beyond fans, Kevin Feige is also there and over the years he has built a level of respect among fans that allows him some leeway in casting and Wyatt Russell says his fate is in their hands when it comes to a future in the MCU.

Wyatt Russell’s Future in the MCU Beyond The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

It has been a full circle journey for Wyatt Russell as Captain America in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A decade ago, Wyatt decided to audition for the role of Steven Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger. He obviously did not get the part but 10 years later he is playing the same hero in a Marvel TV show.

So, we can say Wyatt Russell is a fan of the MCU. He has had indie roles and big movie roles in the past but in this current climet, nothing is bigger than Marvel. And the actor would love to continue his role into the future but there are some picky fans he needs to win over and a producer who has never made a flop movie in his career.

When asked about his future, Wyatt said the whole thing is out of his hand, “You got to call Kevin. I don’t know. That’s something that Marvel – you’re not involved at all. That’s just something that, later on, becomes apparent or it doesn’t.” Marvel has a pretty stingy policy when it comes to making others (even the actors) privy to their plans.

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But the actor continued, “And it has a lot to do with what fans think, I think, and how they feel about you, where they want to see things go, and that’s so far out of my control that I just try to do a good job and hopefully this one is good it’s good enough for them to make more. But it’s above my pay grade.”

If it were up to just the fans then there is no way Wyatt Russell is seeing the light of day beyond The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale. But once John Walker takes up the name of US Agent and stops acting like a power-drunk a-hole there is a room for someone who walks the ideals of Captain America and fans will get on board.

Kevin Feige also seems to be enjoying all the chaos he is causing in the fanbase, and us fans also need to give Wyatt Russell a chance. He did not choose to become Captain America, we would do the same in his place, so let’s cut him some slack and enjoy the Disney+ show as it heads into the final three episodes of the first season.

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