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Is Ryan Reynolds Reuniting With ‘The Proposal’ Co-star Sandra Bullock?

Is Ryan Reynolds Reuniting With The Proposal Co-star Sandra Bullock

The Proposal reunion looks to be on the cards with Ryan Reynolds reportedly starring alongside Sandra Bullock for a new action-romance film.

In what seems like some more disappointing news for fans desperately awaiting Deadpool 3 to get some traction at Marvel Studios, Ryan Reynolds is about to sign up for another project.

If you had to keep track of the extremely packed schedule of the actor, this will mark the 14th production that is currently planned or in development.

Reynolds is now expected to reunite with Sandra Bullock – with whom he starred alongside in the rom-com film The Proposal back in 2009 – for an action-adventure that is said to be similar to 1984’s classic Romancing the Stone, with the unconfirmed title Lost City of D.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock starred together in the rom-com The Proposal (2009).

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock starred together in the rom-com The Proposal (2009).
Source: Zimbio

The latest reports emerge with a note that neither of the A-listers has formally signed on the contract quite yet, but Paramount is planning to seal the deal in the near future.

Aaron and Adam Nee are confirmed to sit on the director’s chairs, while the movie is centered on the original premise of Horrible BossesSeth Gordon, with the first iteration of the screenplay being developed by 22 Jump Street‘s Oren Uziel, and the new iteration coming from rom-com veteran Dana Fox, who wrote The Wedding Date (2004), What Happens in Vegas (2008), and Couples Retreat (2009).

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The plot summary is yet to be revealed, but the studio would definitely carry high expectations for Lost City of D if they’re striving to sign major stars like Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

Meanwhile, the last thing the Deadpool star needs is another film on his packed schedule, however, it seems like he’s going to be working tirelessly for the next 10 years or so just to try and bring all his characters to life.

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