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Start-Up K-Drama on Netflix – Cast, Plot, Release Date and Details You Need to Know!

Start-Up K-Drama on Netflix - Cast, Plot, Release Date and Details You Need to Know!

Netflix is becoming a hub for K-Drama lovers outside of South Korea. Ever since Descendants of Sun put the Korean drama movement back on track, there has been a plethora of original drama coming from South Korea. Netflix has become a go-between, and their recent acquisition from the country is Start-Up featuring a top-notch cast.

There are numerous Korean dramas on Netflix, we’ve made our feelings clear on which one we like the most, but there is also a hunger for more. And after the most recent fantasy Korean show from Netflix, they are bringing back another weekly episodic release series, and we’ve got you covered on all the details.

Start-Up Netflix Plot Details – What is the K-Drama About?

The cast of Netflix K-drama Start-Up is making fans go crazy.The cast of Netflix K-drama Start-Up is making fans go crazy.
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Well, people like to describe Korean dramas as one dimensional. A simple boy-girl love story surrounded by slick production and heartstring-pulling music is a description we hear the most. While there is some truth to that assessment, there are still some innovative and thoughtful series coming from the country.

The new Netflix series Start-Up is looking like it is one of the thoughtful ones, well at least that is what the plot detail reveals. According to what we have seen so far, the show is about a group of people trying to make it big in the Korean Silicone Valley.

South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced and savvy countries on Earth. This is why breaking into the technology sector of the country is a difficult prospect. But a young girl has her genius former boyfriend, a pretty difficult-to-work-with investor, and a confident insider who is helping her realize her dream.

That is the plot of the series as four people converge on a single idea and try to make it big in the place called SandBox. Their Start-Up will either rise to the top or face the fate like many other wanna be Apple.

Start-Up Netflix Cast – Loaded Cast Has Fans Hyped

The Start-Up cast brought two leading actors together, which fans have been clamoring for a while now. Some fans don’t even care for the plot of the show; all they want is to see their favorite two leading performers together on the screen for the first time.

According to Netflix, the cast of Start-Up is led by Bae Suzy. She plays Seo Dal-mi, a passionate woman who wants to be the next Steve Jobs. Her idea of a Start-Up is a winner, but most of the time, having an idea is not the only thing needed to be successful. And if Seo Dal-mi wants to give up on her part-time jobs to run her own company, she will have to make some sacrifices.

Nam Joo-hyuk plays Nam Do-san, a math genius who had a bright future ahead of him, but few decisions pushed him off track. He realizes that Seo Dal-mi considers him her first love, so he decides to stick around, help her get her company off the ground, and maybe start that romance again.

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Won In-jae plays Kang Han-na, a privileged young woman who had it all, power and money. But she also needed her respect, which is why she ventures out on her own, trying to make something that is hers. On her journey, her path converges with Nam and Seo.

Kim Seon-ho plays Han Ji-pyeong, an investor who doesn’t care for what you have to say. He is sharp of will and quick of the tongue, so most people in the investment business fear him. His path is also diverted towards Seo as the four of them try to get the new Start-Up up and running.

Start-Up Netflix Release Date and Trailer

According to What’s on Netflix, the new K-drama is being released on 17 October 2020. This is not a Netflix original production, which is why all the episodes will not be available on the same day. Since the show is also premiering in South Korea at the same time, episode release will be weekly.

We are not certain if there will be two episodes released per week, but there is a 99% chance that is the case. The trailer for the show was released in September of 2020. The quick teaser sets the tone of the show, and we are definitely excited for the release of Start-Up.

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