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Sebastian Stan Talks Ignoring Kevin Feige’s Calls Before Bucky Hiring in 2010


In 2021 Kevin Feige is the most profitable producer in modern cinema. With multiple $2 billion grossing movies and holding the record for the highest grossing movie of all time, the MCU head has proven his meatal. But a decade ago, Kevin was not the name he is today, which is why it is hilarious to hear that Sebastian Stan screened his calls before getting offered the role of Bucky.

Sebastian Stan was a relative unknown before his involvement in the MCU as the Winter Soldier/Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Since then, he has gone on to star in multiple blockbusters and a dedicated fan base follows each and every move of the actor. One role in Captain America: The First Avenger changed everything for the actor.

He now has the luxury to star in smaller budget movies and flex his dramatic muscles while also dabbling in MCU flicks and TV shows once in a while. He can do The Devil All the Time and then go on the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to do some superhero magic. But to this day Sebastian has not forgotten the awkward way it all got started for him in the MCU.

Sending Kevin Feige to Voicemail – Sebastian Stan Details His Hiring in the First Captain America Movie


When stars make it big, they always have hilarious stories of past and how some miscommunication made them go down a different path. That was the case for Kevin Feige and Sebastian Stan who was up for the role of Bucky in the first Captain America movie. But in 2010, Sebastian Stan had steady work and he had a good habit of not picking up unknown numbers which resulted in an awkward situation.

So, the story goes, Sebastian was working on a project and he was happy about how the movie was shaping out to be. Then one day he gets a call on his phone and the number is not of someone he recognizes. The actor does not pick up the phone and goes about his day, then at the end of the day he sees a voicemail and listens to it. It was Kevin Feige on the voicemail, offering him a role in the upcoming Captain America movie.

Well, getting offered a job via a voicemail is not something unique but considering how the job has turned out to be, changing his life and career, it is still weird for Sebastian that he got the role of Bucky despite sending the head of Marvel Studios to voicemail. Well, it all ended well for all parties, but it is hilarious to hear Sebastian explain the whole situation.

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“It was April 1, April Fool’s Day. I was on set working on something and then this unknown number called me, and I don’t usually pick up unknown numbers. I kept shooting, and then, an hour or two later, I finally looked at my voicemail, clicked on it, and it was Kevin. He was like, ‘Hey, we’re trying to reach you. Just want to let you know that we’d love to do this with you. We’d love for you to play James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Give me a call back,” the actor explained to Variety.

“It was a really crazy day but it was one of those days when there is nothing better than being on set and already working on a job and you know you have something else coming up. And in those days I really never knew what was going to happen next and so it was a really nice call,” he reminisced.

No one expected Marvel to pull off what they have managed to do in the past decade. There was no blue print for a connected universe that would run over a decade and span 20 plus movies. MCU is one of a kind idea that worked and multiple other studios are trying to catch lighting in a bottle, in similar fashion to Marvel.

Sebastian Stan appeared as Bucky in the first Captain America movie, later returning as a villain in the second movie and a broken man on path to redemption in the third one. Over the past decade Sebastian’s involvement in the franchise has been one of the driving plots. So, he is definitely glad taking Feige’s message on that slow April day and agreeing to appear in a foundational MCU movie.

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Last modified: May 24, 2021