Who is Mansekin’s Bassist Victoria De Angelis Boyfriend?

May 24, 2021 @ 22:17 GMT+0000

The unique Italian bassist Victoria De Angelis’ recently rumored to be dating one of her fellow band members. Her relationship gossip has now been making headlines all over social media.

If you been following Victoria De Angelis or band Mansekin then you might have heard the rumor of Angelis’s rumored relationship with bandmate frontman Damiano David.

Over the musician’s Instagram handle @vicdeangelis, then you can surely tell that there’s something cooking on between Victoria and Damiano. Well for those who are not following, her, their Instagram pictures and real-life closeness surely make one assume they are a couple.

So what’s really cooking? Are they really dating? Hold on as ahead we present you with al the details,

Is Victoria De Angelis Dating Her Band Frontman Damiano?

This might also be the reason behind people coming up with assumptions regarding Victoria’s dating rumors with Damiano. However when asked to the artist about their ‘ship’ both denied claiming that they are only friends and never dated.

Victoria sitting on Davi Lap from the practice session.
Image Source: Instagram

Angelis shares that they are the best friends who look up to David more like a brother than a boyfriend. The bassist considers Damiano, the person who she can openly share her feeling with.

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But we still do think that both the artists do hold some love in the chest for each other as there’s a saying, “a boy and girl can never be best friends”. What do you guys label their ship as?

And a piece of jolly news to the band’s fan & followers, David has been tested negative for Cocaine use after he was accused while winning the 65th Eurovision song contest.

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