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Tom Hardy Admits He Knew Fans Would Find Bane’s Voice Funny in The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy says he was not surprised by fans’ reaction towards the voice of his character Bane in Christopher Nolan’s......

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Tom Hardy is Starring in New Netflix Film ‘Havoc’

Tom Hardy is set to star in a new Netflix movie by Gangs of London creator titled Havoc. Tom Hardy......

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Could Spider-Man Wear Symbiote Suit in the Fourth Movie?

Spider-Man will reportedly wear a symbiote suit in the next trilogy in the MCU. The symbiote narrative continues to be......

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Christopher Nolan Says Tom Hardy’s Bane isn’t “Fully Appreciated”

It was a sensational performance, to be fair. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) faced the daunting challenge of carrying on......

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