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TikTok Star Nick Austin Reveals Chase Hudson Transformed His Life

TikTok Star Nick Austin Reveals Chase Hudson Transformed His Life

Nick Austin claims fellow TikToker Chase Hudson changed his life, for the better.

Renowned TikToker and Hype House member Nick Austin disclosed he was in a financial struggle when he entered Hype House, after tweeting how grateful he was for the aid of other stars, in particular Chase Hudson.

Nick Austin, 20, is one of Hype House’s most influential participants, despite joining recently in November 2019. He has accrued a whopping 9.2 million followers through his interactive and casual clips.

He also tried to skip much of the controversy around the other influencers in his group, but he held a large following and launched his own brand of merchandise.

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Now Nick’s been opening up on Twitter about his lifestyle prior to entering the content house and how grateful he is to his fellow members.

On 6th November, he tweeted:

1 year ago today is the day I packed all my stuff up and just drove to LA with no idea what I was going to do in life and you guys changed my life forever.

The TikToker added,

nothing in my bank account i couldn’t eat i couldn’t get a hotel or anything @xlilhuddy and you guys changed my life

Fans were quick to show their support for Austin in the replies. One wrote,

oh bean I’m so proud of you bub i really i admire you a lot you make me very happy you deserve this you deserve all the love you are a really sweet remember that you are powerful do not let people hurt you you are a powerful person and you have achieved too many things.

Another said,

I love you so much nick, I am very proud of you I hope you get more and more, I will always be with you in everything! I thank you for everything you have improved in my life, I am very grateful to you, Thank you and I love you very much.

Nick is currently the subject of dating endeavors with singer and internet celebrity, Madison Beer after the two were spotted together, looking really close numerous times in the past couple of months.

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It’s amazing to see Nick’s transformation over the course of 2020, given the fact that he could barely afford to eat well when he initially joined Hype House.

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