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Vinnie Hacker Joins the Infamous TikTok Collaborative, Hype House

The infamous TikTok collaborative, Hype House, recently announced their newest member of the group, Vinnie Hacker, a beginner model with just about 5.5 million followers on TikTok.

(L-R) Alex Warren, Vinnie Hacker, Thomas Petrou posing in front of the Hype House.Hacker has easily blended into the ‘Hype House’ already.
Photo Source: Hype House LA, Instagram

It’s been just over a year since Hype House was initially founded by Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson with Daisy Keech contesting to have had a major part in the entire process. And it’s had its controversies. But throughout it all, members have been added as consistently as others have left. Despite the D’Amelio sisters exit, it is still attracting followers with the same notoriety. FYI, Hudson left as well.

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Hacker is the latest member of the group, posing alongside Petrou and Alex Warren outside the house for the announcement post on Hype House‘s official Instagram page. The caption read, “Welcome Vinnie!”

However, the comment section was full of skeptic fans who thought it was just a prank. It’s confirmed that it wasn’t a prank. In fact, Warren had already announced Hacker as the latest member of the pack in his latest YouTube video prior to the IG post, where he mentioned him as his “new roommate”.

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Vinnie Hacker is not a huge star within the TikTok community, but he’s built up his reputation gradually without really having one particular viral video. He started using the video-syncing platform since around two years ago and now has 5.5 million followers. And he’s fairly regular.

In addition, he is followed by almost 2 million users on Instagram. As an all-round social media influencer, he’s tried a hand at YouTube, but hasn’t posted since over a month ago. He does maintain a subscriber count of 224,000.

The 18-year-old is also an aspiring model, managed by SMG Models, according to his Instagram bio. He regularly posts his shots from his photoshoots on Instagram.

Prior to joining Hype House, Hacker already was an acquaintance to the TikTok couple, Anthony Reeves and Avani Gregg.

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Last modified: January 8, 2021