Virgin River Season 2 – Engagement, Babies, Heartbreak, Murder?


Finally, after ten months of agonizing wait, the end is almost in sight for Virgin River fans. After months of clamoring for a release date, Netflix dropped the trailer and also the release date for Virgin River season 2. But along with the trailer came an ominous synopsis, and we cannot wait to break it all down here.

Virgin River is a Netflix series based on the book of the same name by author Robyn Carr. The show is about a recently widowed nurse who decides to move to a rural town trying to escape from her heartbreak. This brings her to the town of Virgin River, and the people she meets change her life.

The first season of Virgin River was released in December of 2019. It was a massive hit for the streaming giant resulting in a second season pickup. Now, the trailer is out, and we know the release date, the biggest issue we are having is with the wording of the tease. So, here is the breakdown of what we think it all means.

Virgin River Season 2 – Engagement

According to the teaser; Netflix decided to release along with their trailer, Virgin River season 2 is going to have engagement, babies, heartbreak, and murder. And Mel will be in the middle of almost all of those events. We are starting with the engagement.

The obvious suspect for engagement, in our opinion, is the new relationship that will be introduced in the second season between Ricky and the new character Lizzie. According to casting details, Lizzie is a shoplifter who is sent to the Virgin River by her parents after one too many altercations with the law.

In the second season trailer, we see returning character Ryan telling Mel that he and his grandma are firmly in “Team Mel.” Also, in the trailer, Ryan and Lizzie appear to be cozying up to one another. Obviously, they are young and reckless which is why they are our prime suspect for engagement.

We are also willing to bet on Doc and Hope considering their budding and teenage type romance seen in the trailers. Also, another strong contender would be Preacher and Paige/Michelle. We saw an ominous ending in the first season finale for Paige, but things seem to be looking up in season 2 as Preacher and Paige get close.

There is a chance that Preacher may decide to settle down with a strong woman who has gone through a lot. It helps that her son and Preacher like one another, so get on your knees soldier man, she is a keeper.


Okay, this one had us intrigued for a while. We get that Charmaine is having a baby with Jack, even the trailer shows Mel helping her and Jack out. But the plural word has us spinning right now.

We do see a baby being delivered by someone other than Charmaine in the trailer. But that cannot be it, right? In the behind the scene pictures released before we see Mel, Doc, and Jack in what looked like the pot camp with a baby. But those babies would not have the same emotional impact in the bigger picture.

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By “Babies” Netflix is probably leading us to believe those are it. But we think not, one of the heartbreaking moments of Virgin River season one was the repeated miscarriage of Mel, and what if the show is finally getting her a child of her own and not just delivering kids of other people.

Yes, guess it is a long shot but we want to see Mel happy. Make it happen, writers of Virgin River season 2, if not in the second one then in the third one (knock on wood).


Well, there were no shortages of heartbreaks in Virgin River season 1. Obviously, the finale where Mel tells her sister that she is coming home is heartbreaking, but we know she did not leave. And it seems more heartbreaks are in store for Mel and her friends.

Mel is definitely heartbroken considering one person she loves is having a baby with another woman and another person she loves is dead. There are numerous story threads bringing down sadness and despair on Mel. Jack is also heartbroken considering he does not love the person he got pregnant with and wants to be with Mel.

But by heartbreak in the teaser, it probably means the heartbreak of Charmaine as she will eventually lose Jack. As Hope said, “Those two have more sparks in them than a fourth of July parade,” there is no keeping Mel and Jack apart.


virgin-river-season-2-release-dateVirgin River season 2 will be released on 27 November 2020.
Image Source: Netflix

The most interesting and intriguing part for us about the whole teaser was the world “murder.” Who is getting murdered in Virgin River season 2? Obviously, none of the main characters, considering this is a romantic series and not a thriller.

But the murder will definitely affect the main characters of the show. Our money is firmly placed on Paige‘s husband being the one getting murdered. The ending of season 1 showed Preacher going to Paige‘s house where he found blood but no Paige.

According to our theory, Paige probably struck her husband during the struggle and maybe killed him in the process. The blood on the floor of Paige‘s house is not hers, but her husband’s. Seeing how the abusive man got what he deserved, Preacher probably helps her get out of the situation.

That is the only murder we see happening in Virgin River season 2. But these are all theories, something to pass time while we wait out for the next three weeks. According to Netflix, Virgin River season 2 will be released on 27 November 2020.

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