The Real Reason Money Heist Characters Have City Names

The Real Reason Money Heist Characters Have City Names

Learn the actual reason the showrunners gave city names to the robbers on Money Heist.

The actual identities and histories of the criminals in Money Heist are pretty much exposed now, but they still use the city code names given to them by the Professor.

In addition, characters such as Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) and Mónica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo), who joined the party during or following the Royal Mint heist, received honorable city terms (Lisbon and Stockholm, respectively).

Obviously, there’s more to the alias than mere secrecy for the heist gang – but this is the primary justification for them. The Professor invested years preparing the exact specifics of the Royal Mint heist, and a crucial part of his scheme was to ensure the squad were not aware of each other and carried no emotional bonds.

This scheme did not go nearly as planned. Moscow persisted in taking his son, Denver. Oslo and Helsinki are cousins. Tokyo and Rio had begun an intimate affair. And The Professor violated his own code by calling his brother, Berlin, to be the leader of the heist.

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In reality, the behind-the-scenes explanation for the names of the robbing crew to be cities is quite surprising. In an interview with Lifestyle Magazine, the show’s creator Álex Pina revealed when the creative team realized they had to have exclusive codenames for the protagonists, the concept of using city names originated from a T-shirt.

We had a number of ideas, with the names of the planets amongst others. Then, one day, someone turned up with a T-shirt bearing the word Tokyo and that’s how it all began. Try and imagine it if we had kept to the names of the planets and the Money Heist heroes were called Uranus, Mercury, and Jupiter!

From the professor’s perspective, the names of the cities were presumably selected as a means of intentionally misleading the police into investigating them.

Although the Money Heist team join forces from various parts of the world, none of them carry city names relating to their country of residence.

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Oslo and Helsinki, for instance, are Serbian, but their titles are the capital cities of Norway and Finland, respectively. These labels did not quite fit with Monica, who was assigned the pseudonym “Stockholm” because of the assumption that she was experiencing Stockholm Syndrome.

Rather than any real explanation, the Money Heist group has city names merely because it’s cool. There is a great history of crime teams in film and TV shows with nicknames, such as “Mr. Pink” and “Mr. Blue.” from Reservoir Dogs (1992).

The use of fake names and then disclosing the true names of criminals often showcases how Money Heist presents them as outsiders and eventually unravels some of their backstories.

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