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Joe Goldberg is Back with New Look for ‘You’ Season 3

Joe Goldberg is Back with a New Look for 'You' Season 3

‘You’ season 3 is officially back in production.

It might not be too long a wait to witness Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn on our small screens once again. The popular Netflix show revealed a fresh look for the next season with the aid of Penn Badgley.

We’re nearing the anniversary after Netflix debuted You season 2 and left us with the biggest cliffhanger. Since then, initiatives for season 3 have been severely delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Recently, Victoria Pedrettiwho opened up about having ADD – gave an exclusive guide to the upcoming season. The actress told Collider she was looking forward to discovering the shocking side of Love that fans witnessed at the end of season 2.

I mean, it was always happening. She was always kind of off her rocker consistently, even before the large reveal at the end of the season. But yeah, I just love when her and Joe are just going at it, you know? With all the hypocrisy. It’s kind of hysterical. I really want to venture more into that.

Further, she indicated production and shooting for You season 3 are expected to commence sometime soon.

We’re tiptoeing towards working now. I know that we have some meetings coming up and whatnot, but things are starting to come together for production to start.

Shortly after, Deadline reported the next season would introduce two new stars. Shalita Grant plays Sherry, a “mom-fluencer” who brings Love into her private social circle. While she seems down to earth, it is soon discovered Sherry really just pretends to be a friend to Love.

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In the meantime, Joe Goldberg too will bump into a pretend friend of his own. Travis Van Winkle plays Cary, a rich man who is also a neighbor of the non-psychopathic stalker/killer and welcomes him into his close sanctum.

Meanwhile, You finally confirmed the filming for season 3 has initiated. The Netflix show posted the social media update with Badgley.

The 34-year-old can be seen sporting a face mask, indicating the cast and crew are meeting all the CDC protocols in the wake of the pandemic.

The tweet says,

We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. You S3 is back in production.

The release date for You season 3 is still uncertain. However, as development is ongoing, let’s hope that new episodes will hit Netflix sometime during 2021 like the show hinted earlier this year with a new look at Joe Goldberg.

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Last modified: November 3, 2020