Where is Heidi Broussard Murderer Magen Fieramusca? Murder Case Explained!

Aug 20, 2021 @ 21:02 GMT+0000
Heidi Broussard Murderer Magen Fieramusca

Grab all details of Heidi Broussard’s murder case & murderer Magen Fieramusca.

For those unaware, Magen Fieramusca is the murderer of her decade-long friend Heidi Broussard whom she met while attending the Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, Texas.

Heidi who was sentenced guilty in December 2019, in counts of kidnapping, and tampering, which details we have presented below,

Heidi Broussard Murder Case Explained!

What actually happened in the murder scene was Fieramusa killed her friend Heidi and even claimed her two-week-old baby to be her baby.

Margo Carey two weeks old daughter Margo Carey.
Image Source: CNN

Heidi was murdered on December 12 as her dead body was found in the trunk of a car at Harris Country home. The dead body was found three weeks later inside the trunk of Magen’s car.

Investigators and local police officers found the car owner which was registered to Fieramusca. Adding on there she was also accused of faking her pregnancy and the murder also being planned.

The murder was made clear after CCTV footage showed Fieramusca’s vehicle in Broussard’s apartment on the same day of Heidi’s disappearance.

Heidi was killed after she dropped her another child at Cowan Elementary School in December. Fieramusca then took her child and faked her being pregnant so that she could keep the baby, however, as every sin has to pay, she was found guilty under investigation.

Who is Magen Fieramusca? Her Wiki

Megen is not a superstar or any celebrity, shortly after the incident she has been known as a murdered and kidnapper. She was born in Austin, Texas.

Talking about her relationship with Heidi, they became friends after they met at a church ten years ago.

Where is Magen Fieramusca Now?

Currently, Magen is serving her sins behind the wall of Travis Country Correctional Complex. The 35 years old sinner is prisoned guilty of murder, & kidnapping case.

Magen is serving his crime behind the bars.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides that Magen bond was set at $1 million for the capital murder charge and $10,000 for kidnapping, as per reports from CNN.

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