Why Did Amelia and Bennett Join Married at First Sight?

Nov 18, 2020 @ 18:21 GMT+0000
Learn the actual reason Amelia and Bennett joined Married at First Sight.

Learn the actual reason Amelia and Bennett joined Married at First Sight.

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner are one of the most playful pairs in the world of MAFS. Experts on the show shared their wish for the Season 11 newly-weds to bond because of their “quirky” and “eccentric” personas.

Bennett, dubbed The Romantic Thespian, revealed his aim of seeking love in a marital trial.

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner on Married at First Sight.

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner on Married at First Sight.
Source: Reality TV World

He told producers:

What I want is someone who I get and who gets me. For the right person, I would consider myself a good catch.

Meanwhile, Amelia, The Driven Dreamer, demonstrated her abilities on the narrow ledge as she hinted at the cheerful approach she carried for the experience.

She said:

I think that marriage is a lot more about deciding you’re going to love somebody.

Amelia then joked:

It’s so special to be in a relationship with someone that you just adore. It’s just like having a roommate you think is super sexy.

Although paired partners are not scheduled to meet until the day they tie the knot, Amelia and Bennett surprised audiences and experts when they revealed they had met before they got married.

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Following their wedding, which included a modest recap by Bennett and an adorable lyrical poem by Amelia, the couple seemed to have a nice beginning.

But they later discovered they were on extremely opposite coasts about the program.

Amelia Fatsi was Simply Eager to Appear on TV

On their last night together prior to Decision Day, Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner bantered about whether or not they genuinely want to stay together.

It was at this time that their numerous motives for featuring in Married at First Sight seemed perfectly clear. Although Bennett signed up to meet a life partner, Amelia revealed how she really wanted to explore being on TV.

She admitted to Bennett:

I really didn’t think that I was ready to be married. I mostly just thought it would be fun to be on a reality show. A visibly taken aback Bennett questioned his wife’s intentions.

He asked:

You didn’t feel like you wanted to be married?

Amelia subsequently replied:

I guess it wasn’t the number one driving force.

When talking to the producers, Bennett voiced reservations about their relationship because of the contradictory attitudes they showcased in their marital life.

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However, Bennett squashed any rumors fans had about their relationship on Decision Day when he yanked his pants down to display a heart tattoo with Amelia’s initials, Soap Dirt stated.

Leave that up to this pair to have one of the most “quirky” DD reveals in MAFS history.

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