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Fans Hate The Bold Type Season 4 Finale – Why is That?


So, I just finished watching all the seasons of The Bold Type in the past week. It became my favorite TV show released in the past five years. But when I was scrolling through IMDb today, I came across the rating for the season 4 finale and was surprised that fans hated it.

As of this writing, The Bold Type season 4 episode 16 has a 5.6/10 rating on IMDb with close to 100 reviews. The previous low for the series was 6.6 for the season 2 episode, Betsy, still, the show had remained pretty consistent when it comes to the fan rating.

So, why the low score for the season 4 finale? Were the fans not impressed with the story or the future of the series still being in the air frustrated them. I really wanted to know what was so wrong with the finale that die-hard fans took this drastic measure.

Why Do Fans Hate The Bold Type Season 4 Finale?

The Bold Type Season 4 was separated into two parts of 10 and 6 episodes. The first episode arrived in January 2020 and the first half ended with the wedding of Sutton and Richard in episode 10. Then the final 6 episodes arrived in June and the finale arrived on 16 July 2020.

To be honest, I had no issues with the show whatsoever, the title cards were always funny, the ladies were amazing and the story was serviceable. But the finale seems to have really gotten under the skin of some fans and they were not one bit impressed by it.

Okay, the title card was not funny in the finale, but that alone would not have been enough. So, I am certain some fans took issue with Sutton‘s story and how it was handled by the writers. Either that or the Republican angle for Kat, but I am pretty certain most people did not have an issue with Kat hooking up with a GOP supporting lawyer.

In The Bold Type season 4 episode 16 Sutton is reeling from the end of her marriage. She has been bed-ridden for days and the girls come over to get her back to work. She is still heartbroken, obviously, but manages to get to the office with her friends.

There she is further confronted with her past which results in Sutton deciding to go back home. Babs was not at home so she goes to her mother’s place of work only to find out she was not there. Sutton then gets a message saying Babs went to Atlantic city with a new friend and she finds alcohol in the house.

But between the two events while Sutton was in the bar she meets her old boyfriend. They back into some old habits and end up in a storeroom where a heartbroken Sutton makes her move on a married man. They fall asleep only to be woken up by his wife and getting a scolding.

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I think this was the storyline that was too hard to swallow for some fans. We have seen Sutton sleep with a married man before but she did not know he was married. When she did, she approached the guy’s wife and apologized but in the season 4 finale, she knew the man was married and with kids, but still went ahead to use him for grief sex.

That turn of character for Sutton also felt a little tasteless for me. Her character deserved more than to be turned into the thing she feared growing up. So, I can understand why some fans would have felt the episode failed Sutton and went to give the finale a negative rating.

But when it comes to Kat and Eva Rhodes‘ relationship, I do not think most fans would take an issue with that pretty development. Eva defended Kat on a conservative television, that definitely won her some fans so the reason for all the hate directed towards The Bold Type season 4 episode 16 is because of the Sutton storyline.

And if you are a fan agitated by the tame ending of season 4 fearing no season 5 renewal, well, we have good news for you, another season is coming. Freeform greenlit The Bold Type season 5 in January 2021 and it will be the final one for the show.

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