Felix Mallard Girlfriend in 2021: Who is the Australian Actor Dating?

Felix Mallard is single as of 2021.

Here’s what you should know about Australian actor Felix Mallard’s girlfriend. Know everything about his relationship in 2021.

Felix Mallard is one of the promising Australian actors we have seen so far. We must give it to Aussies; they produce some high-quality breeds when it comes to actors, take Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman, for example.


Born on April 20, 1998, Felix Mallard has already joined the elite list of hot Australian actors, which is apparent from his massive female fan following. Well, there are male fans too, but the female population wins the race here.

Anyhoo, coming back to Felix Mallard, the actor is known for his portrayal of Ben Kirk in the television soap opera “Neibbhours.” Moreover, the 22-year-old Australian actor is also known for his stint on the American comedy series “Happy  Together.”


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Well, since you are here, we assume you know quite a lot about the actor’s career already, so without further ado, let’s dive into the fact that you are here for. Let’s find out if Felix Mallard has a girlfriend or not.


Felix Mallard Girlfriend, Is the Actor Dating Someone in 2021?

It’s a no-brainer people are crushing on Felix Mallard; his chiseled face and smile to kill for is enough to take anyone’s breathes away and tops that with his great physique. Well, in simple words, he is too hard to resist.

Here’s some good news for his fans, the 22-year-old Australian actor is still single as of 2021. But this is an unofficial report, the actor is extremely secretive about his private life, so at this point, it’s hard to speculate anything about his relationship.


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But since we stalked Felix Mallard’s social media for hours, it seems the actor is really single at this time. Well, shoot your chances, people!


Felix Mallard’s Fans Think The Actor Has Someone Special in His Life

This one is purely a fans’ speculation and has nothing to back this statement, but some think the actor has someone special in his life and is active in the dating scene. (It’s even wrong to assume the actor is single, but that’s what he wants to present to the world.)

According to fans speculation, Felix Mallard is dating his alleged girlfriend, Lucinda Everist.

According to fans’ speculation, Felix Mallard is dating his alleged girlfriend, Lucinda Everist. Photo Source: Felix Mallard, Instagram


Anyways, fans think Felix is dating one of his friends, Lucinda Everist. Lucinda is a model based in Melbourne, Australia. Moreover, she works as a retail assistant in “Kloke,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

But again, as we mentioned earlier, this is all just speculation. Moreover, Lucinda seems to have a different boyfriend. So, at this point, all we can say is, Felix Mallard is single as of 2021.


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