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Resident Alien’s Showrunner Talks Season 2 and Beyond for the Hit SYFY Series!


The first season of Resident Alien wrapped up on SYFY channel with the same fun and charm it arrived at the start of 2021. There was obviously a cliffhanger ending but fret not, season 2 has already been greenlit and showrunner Chris Sheridan knows where the show is headed in the sophomore season plus beyond it.

Resident Alien tells the story of an Alien from a distant planet who is stranded on Earth. He has a mission to complete and that requires him to take a human form, turning into a dead doctor. Harry, his human form, is soon roped into a murder investigation and hired as the town doctor, which causes problem in his plan.

The first tells the story of how Harry plans to complete his mission while some on earth as able to see through his disguise. A kid becomes his biggest enemy, plus the government is hot on his trail, and it came to a head in the finale. After the premiere of the finale Sheridan spoke about season 2 and the future. Spoilers Ahead for season 1 and the finale.

Chris Sheridan Talks About Resident Alien Season 2

While we are still in the early parts of 2021,  it has to be said that Chris Sheridan’s Resident Alien was one of the funniest shows of the year. Critical acclaim and fan appreciation in equal measure, the show featured a beloved sci-fi actor in Alan Tudyk which added to the appeal of the show. Now after the finale the showrunner says the charm is going nowhere soon.

The funny moment in each show was Harry trying to socialize in the human world. With no idea of what is right and what is wrong, the Alien is trying to fit in which makes for some hilarious moments. The fact that Harry has no idea what to do in social situation is funny and Chris said the moment he is totally acclimatized on earth will be the end of the show.

They are still going to play on the lack of knowledge of Harry when it comes to being around human. The title animation are going nowhere and jokes at the expense of human culture and social intereaction will be in abundance for season 2.

But that is not why you are, you want to know what will happen with Max in Resident Alien season 2. The executive producer and creator of the show spoke where the two are headed and if they are turning around right there or coming back after a few days or weeks away on Harry’s planet.

Chris said, “Yeah, he’s sort of stuck, isn’t he? Look, Season 2 could either be he’s now living on his planet with Max [Judah Prehn] or he’s back on Earth. It’s not gonna be much of a spoiler to say he has to bring Max back. So, he is gonna bring Max back, but he’s coming back to a world where the walls are closing in on him a little bit more.”

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Harry and Max will be back on earth soon but from what Sheridan is saying it appears Harry will not enjoy the same curtesy as before. The Sheriff and his deputy suspect something is wrong and they are putting their suspicion on the one person who always seems to be around trouble. So, even when they return a suspicious town awaits for Harry.

Also, the showrunner spoke about the future of Dr. Ethan. In the finale Max, in an attempt to protect Harry and stop him from destroying the earth, gives up the information that the alien is the town doctor. While he does not specify which town doctor which results in David and Lisa kidnapping the doctor for Linda Hamilton‘s General McCallister.

The doctor will have some examinations done on him by the government people. They will try to figure out how he is hiding in plain sight. Also, from the words of Chris it does not seem like the government people will be satisfied when they find out he is human. They will probably think, the alien is an expert in hiding and they cannot figure our how to get it to show its true form.

So, in Resident Alien season 2, Harry will be back with Max. He will have the Sheriff after him and the government will some come back as well. That means we will also be getting more of Linda Hamilton, her backstory and that Men In Black reference. So, strap up and get ready to laugh your human faces off because Resident Alien season 2 is coming soon to SYFY channel.

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