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Surprise Cameo in New Amsterdam Season 3 Premiere!


After nearly a year off, New Amsterdam season 3 finally premiered on NBC. It was in April 2020 when the hospital drama series made an impromptu finale and the premiere of the new season dealt with similar storylines most other medical shows have covered. And also a fan-favorite character made a heartfelt cameo.

On 17 March 2020 Liftoff, the 17th episode of New Amsterdam, was released. A week later a flu-type episode was supposed to premiere on NBC but due to the COVID lockdown, it was scrapped. Instead, a new character that was supposed to be introduced in the episode was cut around and placed in “Matter of Second” which acted as the finale.

Hitting too close to home, it was the right decision to not air the episode. But the show definitely needed to tackle the COVID pandemic and when New Amsterdam season 3 arrived, the response for the episode did not disappoint. Everyone was back taking care of patients and then came a very welcome cameo from a beloved character.

Jocko Sims Makes a Cameo as Reynolds in New Amsterdam Season 3

new-amsterdam-season-3-jocko-simms-returns-cameoJocko Sims’ Dr. Reynolds returned for a cameo in New Amsterdam season 3 episode 1.
Image Source: Jocko Sims Instagram

One of the side plots in New Amsterdam season 2 was Dr. Reynolds‘s new budding relationship. He got engaged to Evie and her work meant the two were spending months apart. Soon it became clear that she needed to move permanently to San Francisco and Reynolds made up his mind that he was going with her.

Through the latter half of the second season, Reynolds struggled with leaving New Amsterdam and telling Max that he was leaving. When Max does find out he does not take the information well, giving Reynolds the cold shoulder treatment. But eventually, he came around and the team had a nice sending-off for Reynolds.

It was believed that was going to be it for Jocko Sims and his character of Reynolds and many fans were unhappy about him leaving. Still, a new doctor was introduced in the finale and while no one forgot about the heart surgeon, he did however left a mark in fans’ psyche.

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Then came the New Amsterdam season 3 premiere, COVID was shown in a montage as Max and the other doctors and frontline workers struggled to keep up. Then by the end of the montage, Kapoor was shown to have taken ill which resulted in Max looking all over for a drug that was nowhere to be found.

Max did eventually manage to track down the drug and helped other hospitals in the process. Kapoor came off the ventilator and he was coherent but then came the bad news, his heart (medical jargon we don’t understand) was in bad condition and the doctor said even the best cardio surgeon would not be able to help.

Then Max made a call to someone. The call went to a hospital locker room in San Franciso as Max Goodwin‘s name popped up on the phone’s screen. Then the face of the call recipient was shown, Dr. Reynolds, and all he said, “How can I help?”

That scene brought many fans to tears and thousands are hoping the doctor will stick around in the third season. But for Dr. Reynolds‘s fans, there is some bad news from the showrunner, David Schulner.

New Amsterdam Season 3 – Dr. Reynolds is not Back Permanently

After Dr. Reynolds appeared in that cameo role at the end of the first episode, fans took to Instagram and other social media platforms hoping the character was there to stay. While fans may want one thing, the creative team is looking a little in a different direction.

The showrunner for New Amsterdam David Schulner said Reynolds is only back for the operation of Kapoor. The infection of Kapoor gave the writers a great opportunity to bring back a beloved character for one more episode and save his friend.

It seems in a larger context, this appearance is definitely going to be a cameo or guest-starring role for Jocko Sims. The character was supposed to be in San Francisco working at a different hospital but COVID threw a wrench on all the plans.

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David said, “He was going to be living in San Francisco, practicing at another hospital as of last year, and again, none of this was planned. Season 2 didn’t end with any of this or set up any of this because we didn’t know it was going to happen.”

“Like everyone else’s lives [which] got interrupted and went down a road no one anticipated, it’s true for the characters on our show. All their stories from last year are interrupted and put on hold or diverted or completely upended, and we’re following through on that,” he further elaborated.

So, for fans of Dr. Reynolds, enjoy while he is on screen this week as the Big 5 will be together for the last time in New Amsterdam season 3. Jocko Sims seems to be excited bout his cameo appearance, and we are excited as well.

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