The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix Adaptation - Everything We Know So Far

Oct 19, 2020 @ 15:38 GMT+0000

The Chronicles of Narnia was a decade-defining movie franchise that came on the heels of Harry Potter. While most children book based franchises failed to get off the ground, Narnia was embraced by both fans and critics. Disney later canceled future movies in the franchise, but The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptation is coming.

Disney was involved in the adaptation of the C.S. Lewis' seven-book series. They adopted three books in the franchise, with critical and commercial reception slipping with each adaptation. This resulted in Disney shelving, the fourth movie in the franchise.

As Disney was unwilling to develop further movies or shows based on the books, the rights became available. Then two years ago, in October of 2018, Netflix snagged the rights to the series to make TV shows and movies. Now, there are multiple The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptations currently in development.

The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix Adaptation - TV Show and Multiple Movies Proposed

the-chronicles-of-narnia-netflix-adaptation-2021The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptation is coming in 2021.
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When the news of Netflix picking up the rights to the book series was announced, it was revealed that the multi-year deal was supposed to be for movie and series adaptation. So, instead of Netflix making shows based on the books, they will also be making movies if everything goes as planned.

The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptation was first reported over two years ago, and the most advanced project in the franchise is supposed to be a series adaptation. Netflix plans to release a show before starting their own movie franchise.

Picture The Witcher and how Netflix has adapted the beloved book series. Netflix seems to be playing around with the same idea. An eight-part series to introduce the characters, the world, and some antagonists would do fine for starters.

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While there is no word for the movie adaptation yet, but it is rumored the movie will be based on The Silver Chair. The same book was shelved from the Disney adaptation after the Dawn Trader was met with a lukewarm reception.

This may be just hopeful thinking as the first three movies were Disney properties, and Netflix is probably looking to build their own world. So, the obvious starting point is still a mystery, but there are some ideas of where the Netflix series should begin its journey.

The Magician's Nephew is the Perfect Jumping Off Point

If Netflix is looking to rehash what has already been adapted in the Disney movies, then the obvious starting point for the series could be The Magician's Nephew. It was the second last book to be released in the series, but the book is the first one in terms of internal chronology.

Again, the example of The Witcher fits perfectly here. The Netflix adaptation of The Witcher was based on the first internal chronological book instead of the book, which was released first. Netflix can distinguish the series by telling the story of the "1st book" in their opening series.

Disney has acknowledged the leading character of The Magician's Nephew in the first Narnia movie. The book's lead character, Digory Kirke, is seen as Professor Kirke in the Disney movie The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Netflix can adapt the book, in turn making the world of Narnia their own. This will allow the creatives behind the show to distinguish the series from the Disney adaptation while also being true to the book series's reading chronology.

Who is Involved in the Making of The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix Adaptation?

Though the development for the first season of The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptation was started in the winter of 2018, there is not much movement in the making of the show. To this date, only writer Matthew Aldrich is attached to the project.

Matthew Aldrich wrote the original story for Pixar/Disney movie Coco, also co-writing the screenplay. He is listed as the creative architect of The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix adaptation on IMDb. While What's on Netflix has listed the show as an upcoming Netflix adaptation for 2021.

So, we should be hearing about the casting of the show pretty soon now. As the world of filmmaking recovers from the COVID pandemic, we will most likely see the show's production pick up some steam. Our guess is we won't have to wait long, even if the step-son of C.S. Lewis cannot reveal much about the project right now.

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