WandaVision on Disney+ – Read the First Reactions from Critics

Jan 10, 2021 @ 17:46 GMT+0000

In 2020 Black Widow was supposed to have her curtain call with her final film in the MCU. Then in mid to late 2020 new wave of Marvel shows and movies was going to signal the start of Marvel Phase 4. But COVID had other plans, still, Wandavision is coming this January and critics have some encouraging words for the show.

WandaVision follows the story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision. Following the events of Endgame, Wanda and Vision settle down for suburban life in her sitcom-esque life, hiding their powers. But things are too perfect and she starts to realize something is wrong with the world she is inhabiting.

Creator of the show Jac Schaeffer previously noted that sitcoms of the early 60s were influences for the look of the show. She also mentioned that the story will take a different tone than most Marvel productions to date, something most critics, who saw the early screening, are echoing in their first reactions.

Critics Say WandaVision on Disney+ is Creative, Risky, Weird, and Compelling

After early screenings, there are various embargoes imposed by the studio on critics. Social, publishing, and critical embargoes maintain a level of secrecy for the production team and when the social embargo for WandaVision was lifted encouraging words about the show started to emerge.

In a moderate response, Peter Nemiroff of Collider wrote, audiences would find it a little hard to adjust at first. But he continued to say that the detour from other Marvel production taken in WandaVision was something well worth taking and he also hoped the payoff for the MCU will be massive.

While Peter was measured in his response, ReelBlend host Kevin McCarthy was taken away by the technical aspects of the show. The reporter fell in love with the aspect ration shifts, practical effects, and also the storytelling of the show. He was particularly impressed with the tone of the MCU show which provided a unique setting for the ever-expanding universe.

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From the moment Vision‘s name was uttered to promote the show, fans speculated on the adaptation of the strange stories of Wanda from the comics. The trailer confirmed that WandaVision on Disney+ was going to be unique, but according to Peter Sciretta of SlashFilms, the show is “unlike anything you’ve seen before in the MCU.”

For most of MCU’s recent outings featuring Wanda, her presence has always been lukewarm for most fans. While her role did develop further in the MCU, most fans were looking forward to seeing Wanda get more of the shine. And Ash Crossan of ET was impressed with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany‘s performances which gave her some retro feels.

The same was the case with Kristen Lopez of IndieWire who really got behind attention to detail in recreating old sitcoms as well as the story of the show. She wrote, “Not only is the series a loving recreation of classic television shows (everything beautiful), but the story is so compelling.”

While Sean O’Connell of CinemaBlend was impressed with the future outlook and uniqueness the show provides in the MCU library. “Each episode BRILLIANTLY recreates a classic sitcom model, but also feeds into a much larger mystery with HUGE Marvel ramifications. I love this so much!” he wrote.

WandaVision will Tie into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

From the moment MCU TV shows were announced during the amazing comic con event, most fans have speculated if Marvel will go in the direction of DC in separating TV and movie franchises. But Kevin Feige made it clear that all the shows in production will either follow or tie into older and new movies.

WandaVision is going to be the first one out of the gate in terms of the MCU series. And unlike previous Netflix-Marvel shows, WandaVision will directly tie into the main storyline of the Marvel Universe at large.

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During an exclusive interview with EW, Kevin said WandaVision will connect directly to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Scarlet Witch is said to be playing a prominent role in the sorcerer supreme’s movie with WandaVision’s story having some consequence on the Benedict Cumberbatch movie releasing in 2022.

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